Dems Want to Fire Feinstein Over Her “Failure” on Amy Coney Barrett

Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination is still upsetting to the Dems but at this point. They do not seem too keen on actually doing anything about it. Their last-ditch efforts are not all that strong. The Democrats would rather keep complaining about what is happening, as opposed to getting up off their butts and doing something.

The items that they are choosing to rally around are pretty flimsy, too. CNN issued a report about Barrett’s speaking engagements and that is what they seized on. She did not include these engagements in the nomination paperwork. Senator Blumenthal pointed to this reporting but there is no independent confirmation of the speaking engagements in question.

All we know is that the events are listed on a Notre Dame calendar. This does not mean that she actually spoke at any of them but that has not stopped the Democrats from continuing to start this ill-fated narrative. They do not need proof. This is a party that will happily grasp at straws until they are able to get their way.

“The consequence of this rushed process is that we have given inadequate scrutiny to this nominee. I move to delay these proceedings so that we can do our job and ask, again, for all the documents,” said Blumenthal yesterday. Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont is also leaning on the CNN report, claiming that the proceedings need to be delayed because of it.

Why are the Democrats even bothering to bang their fists on the table like this? They have already told anyone who will listen that they are not willing to vote on the Barrett confirmation. The vote has been set for next week already so we are not sure what all of this gnashing of the teeth is going to do. They are bound and determined to keep wringing their hands in the meantime, though.

Now that the true consequences are sinking in for the Democrats, they are making all kinds of threats about what they are going to do once the process is over. Why actually do anything to stop it at the moment, when you can just cry and moan about what you might do later? “The rule of ‘because we can,’ which is the rule that is being applied today, is one that leads away from a lot of the traditions and commitments and values that the Senate has long embodied,” said Sheldon Whitehouse.

The Rhode Island Democrat is simply saying what the rest of the party is thinking. “Don’t think that when you have established the rule of ‘because we can’ that should the shoe be on the other foot that you will have any credibility to come to us and say, yeah, I know you can do that but you shouldn’t because of X, Y, Z,” said Whitehouse.

“Your credibility to make that argument in the future will die in this room and on that Senate floor if you continue to proceed in this way,” Whitehouse concluded. This is rich coming from the party that is actively planning their retribution as we speak. Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s comments about Judge Barrett’s religious faith on the hot mic had the left losing it, too. From there, she had the gall to praise Lindsey Graham.

“Feinstein and Lindsey Graham hug it without masks after the Barrett hearing and now I’m going to go throw up,” read the sad tweet from one forlorn leftist. Demand Justice is a progressive group that is now demanding the ouster of Senator Feinstein. They’re also making mean jokes about her willingness to give hugs without masks.

They believe that the Grim Reaper is going to take care of it for them. This is the party of empathy, though. The same people who were all about Feinstein before are now calling for her head. That’s how the Democrats roll. They are your best friends until they are not.