Deportees Get to Reenter and Commit Crimes because ‘Merica

It’s incredulous that when people are deported from the United States, they’re being allowed to reenter. It takes a significant amount of work to get someone deported, and it’s usually because they’ve broken too many laws to be allowed to stay.

The liberals, however, want to allow anyone to enter. What’s another mouth to feed? It’s not just about the strain they put on the economy – it’s about the crimes that they’ll commit.

Only in America do we allow criminals to enter and reenter the country. Only in America do we make it easy for criminals to hit the streets and commit as many crimes as they want.

Ramon Vazquez-Carmona is an illegal alien. He was deported, which means that he shouldn’t even be in the country. Yet, liberals have made it entirely too easy for anyone and everyone to enter the country. At this point, with so many migrants being released, we don’t even know WHO we have in the country anymore.

Although Vazquez-Carmona should not be in the country, he is. And he was charged with involuntary manslaughter.

He was driving under the influence. That’s when he hit and killed a two-time cancer survivor by the name of Cynthia Goulding.

According to ICE, Ramon Vazquez-Carmona entered the country legally in 2008. However, he was arrested for violating the terms of his admission into the U.S. A year later, he was deported. Then, sometime between 2009 and the current day, he entered the U.S. again – and did so illegally.

The Goulding family wants to see him deported before ever going to trial – and for good reason. Once you get deported, you shouldn’t get to enter the country again.

How many “free passes” are the liberals going to give illegal aliens? There are too many who commit crime after crime without any kind of remorse.

As Goulding’s daughter said during a media interview, “He was deported once and came back. Who’s to say that won’t happen again?”

As long as the liberals continue to watch the border situation deteriorate, it will happen again and again.

Those who cross the border illegally have to be deported. Even if they are allowed to stay, they should be given a one-strike rule – break any law and you get deported. It’s simple.

Instead, there are liberals who want to let the illegal aliens who commit crimes stay – and commit as many crimes as they would like. Combine that with sanctuary cities and those who are here illegally and committing crimes may never even see the inside of a prison cell.

How is it that those who are here illegally are the ones who get to take advantage of the criminal justice system? American citizens who break the law are given a trial and sent to prison if they are found guilty. Meanwhile, illegal aliens are shown the door.

Something has to be done about this.

‘Merica is the land of the free, but it shouldn’t be the land of the free for just anyone. We have immigration laws. And, we have other laws – like not driving while under the influence and not crashing into people parked next to their SUVs pulled over on the side of the road.

It’s clear as day that Ramon Vazquez-Carmona committed multiple crimes.

He entered the country illegally after being deported – and that should be the only one that really matters. However, he also killed a woman. He should have to pay for his crimes. Yet, it’s only a matter of time before a bleeding-heart liberal takes his side, saying that it wasn’t his fault and that if he hadn’t been deported, he wouldn’t have such emotional baggage that led him to drink.

There are always excuses to protect illegal aliens. Deportees have to stay deported – yet with what’s happening at the border now, there’s no telling how many are being allowed back in.