DeSantis Shows How He Can Stand Up to Tyranny

Republican governors have their hands full dealing with the increasing unconstitutional treatment that is starting to come from the liberal federal government. The media continues their subtle attacks on freedom of speech, and the domestic terrorists continue to roam the streets looking for mask violators. But one governor is fighting back, and it is making a huge difference.

Big tech is the new enemy of the American conservative. They censor speech and remove accounts of people that have been with their sites for many years, all because of one or two posts stating their personal views on a particular subject.

But Governor DeSantis is one that is setting a new path. He is unwilling to bow down to big tech and yield to what they tell him to do. While other Republican governors are cracking under pressure to follow established norms, DeSantis teaches others how to stand for what is right and the American way.

Republicans everywhere have two options. They can submit to the censorship of free speech and lose the ability to speak out when injustices occur, or they can fight back. Usually, it takes one person to forge ahead and do the right thing before others fall in behind them and join the fight.

The federal government level may be stuck in the shallow laps of the Democrats, but it does not mean that all hope is lost. The politicians that were too afraid to stand up and do the right thing are now trapped under the liberal proverbial boot.

DeSantis sees other options and other ways of fighting for freedom. Big tech and liberals may squawk and try and force people to what they want them to do, but they cannot do it without money. And this is precisely where DeSantis is hitting them the most.

Republicans still make up the majority in the United States. There may be a few blue specs on a map, but the rest of the map is painted red. And even in those liberal cities, there are a bunch of conservatives making their voices known. The media wants people to think that there are not enough conservatives to make a difference, but that is their tactic to try and control things.

DeSantis is working with the Florida House of Representatives and pulling back on the amount of state funds that are channeled towards Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and the infamous Google. He is making that these companies cannot operate effectively if they do not have the capital to run their liberal campaigns.

There is no reason why other Republican governors cannot work to channel their funds into other corporations. Big tech needs to learn that they exist only because the consumer uses their services. Without a steady stream of funds, the companies will fall and give way to more reasonable organizations.

Big tech and their liberal partners think that they can control everything just because their bank books are larger than everyone else’s. But as each state takes away their percentage of that pool of funds, big tech will find out that they are not as mighty as they think they are.

It is time for Republicans to stop buying into the lies that are promoted by the liberal media and start realizing the truth. The liberals are corrupt, and they only want the power to lord over people. They do not have the best interests of the country in mind. All they care about is padding their pockets with money.

DeSantis is one of a few such as Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley that are willing to fight for the voter base’s interests. Tens of millions of Republicans are counting on their elected officials to represent them to the world.

The Democrats do not represent their base the way they should, and that is why they hate the Republican patriots standing up for freedoms and the American way. Governor DeSantis has chosen to be the leader that fights for what is right. He is standing against tyranny and is looking for others to do the same.