Did Europe Finally Do the Right Thing on China?

President Trump talked tough on China. He followed his words with actions: finally, the U.S. got tough with China, holding the rogue communist regime for its legion abuses and wide-ranging criminal activity.

The fact is, China has been operating for some time as a sprawling criminal operation that masquerades as a state.

Even the liberals that hate Donald J. Trump with a burning passion, must admit that President Trump “woke up” the Washington D.C. consensus to the threat of China.

George Walker Bush did not hold China accountable. Barack Hussein Obama did not hold China accountable.

President Trump, correctly, identified China as a mortal threat — not only to the United States but to free people around the world everywhere.

Part of the reason U.S. citizens responded so strongly to President Trump and voted for him in record numbers is that Trump was the only voice who was arguing that China was not our friend. Americans were sick of bought-and-paid-for politicians who toadied up to China and sold their own country down the river for some renminbi-denominated sweet-heart deal.

China has a long track record of criminal activity, as well as abuse of the U.S. legal system and international norms.

China’s offenses are not limited to intellectual property theft or currency manipulation. They are much more insidious than that: in fact, China is literally waging a war of death against American citizens by exporting deadly fentanyl into the U.S.

Does China allow the sale of fentanyl in their homeland? No. China is aware of the fentanyl production facilities in the Chinese mainland, and they tacitly sanction the activity by allowing the facilities to remain in operation. Now, if the facilities starting distributing this deadly product domestically, the plants would be shut down by the Chinese Communist Party immediately and the state would execute all personnel associated with the scheme.

However, because the Chinese fentanyl producers are sending their deadly product to the U.S., the activity is permitted.

China is killing the world off with deadly viruses AND drugs. Not a week goes by where there is not a Chinese national arrested in the U.S. for the sale of fentanyl, and often in mass quantities.

When you couple China’s campaign of death with all of its other illegal activities (e.g., building islands in international waters, its genocide of the Uighur population) and unsavory practices (e.g., polluting more than the U.S. and a dozen other countries, combined) the picture that is produced is one of a deeply evil actor on the world stage.

You better believe that Joe Biden’s new stance of “getting tough on China” was not something he thought of himself.

Joe Biden spent almost 30 years in the Senate, spending the entirety of the time rolling over for China.

It was not until President Trump called out China and demanded accountability that all of the hacks in Washington D.C. realized the popularity of this message.

The American people demanded that our politicians hold China accountable — so, in response, the professionally corrupt class in D.C. shed a few tears as they removed their elbow-deep arms from their China payoff schemes, paid lip service to the new U.S. government position vis-a-vis China, and then set about finding some new racket to defraud.

It only took a global pandemic to wake up the Europeans: Now even Europe is singing along to Washington D.C.’s new tune.

Even the Europeans, too, now seem to realize that China is, quite literally, eager to kill their citizens. They did so with a deadly virus that originated from a Wuhan lab. China not only neglected to tell the world but actively allowed international flights to and from Wuhan to continue, effectively seeding the entirety of the globe with their new virus.

A majority of the European Parliament voted to freeze a landmark investment deal with China until Beijing drops sanctions on the European Union for its condemnation of China’s human rights abuses.

For a moment, it seemed as Europe was willing to sell itself off to the corrupt Chinese Communist Party regime, despite it representing the antithesis of all aspects of European society.

For a moment, however, it appears that the Europeans have finally found their courage and they have done the right thing.