Did Fox News Just Fire Host Judge Jeanine Pirro? President Trump Weighs In

The Fox News show Justice With Judge Jeanine was replaced on Saturday night with a rerun of the documentary Scandalous, leaving many of the judge’s fans wondering if she’s ever coming back.
According to CNN the show has been suspended, and the decision is being kept quiet by Fox News, who said “we are not commenting on internal scheduling matters.”
About a week ago the judge made a comment questioning Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minn.) patriotism and devotion to this country. On her show the judge spoke about Omar wearing a hijab (the traditional Islamic head-covering) suggesting that Omar’s faith as a Muslim is the reason she has anti-Israel views.
This is what she said:

In a very rare and unusual move, her comments united both liberals and conservatives in condemning the judge’s remarks about Rep. Omar, saying they were “anti-Semitic.”
Fox News quickly came out with a statement along with the former judge’s response:

While followers wait to see what Fox News will do, fans of Judge Jeanine Pirro – like President Trump – are demanding they bring her back on the air.
This is what President Trump says to Fox News:

Should Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show be canceled? Do you think the judge’s remarks about Rep. Omar were anti-Semitic?
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