Did the VP Selection for Biden Just Become an Open Audition for Women?

In retrospect, we probably shouldn’t be too surprised, but the Dems keep doing their best to keep everyone on their toes. In another curious twist, team Biden who had supposedly narrowed down their candidates for the VP just introduced a new contender.

As one story reported, Susan Rice was apparently informed of her consideration recently, and while that appeared to make her happy, it left most of us scratching our heads.

Kamala Harris, and the woman who most have viewed as the presumptive front-runner for that coveted Vice President spot on the Democrat’s presumptive Presidential nominee’s ticket, was no surprise.

When we heard Elizabeth Warren’s name, that was probably even less of a surprise as the Senator herself was not that long ago, a front running Democratic contender for her Party’s nomination.

Even the former first lady, Michelle Obama, probably didn’t catch too many of us by surprise. Her recognition and popularity among the Dems alone made her, at the very least, a reasonable consideration.

And as the President himself has shown us, the Commander in Chief isn’t necessarily required to be a career politician or Washington blue blood to win the Presidency or even excel in that role.

Then came the litany of other potential running mates for Biden, and as is often the case these days with the former Vice President, many more questions than answers.

At least a few of those lesser-known names and faces make some sense. Like Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, who like the somewhat better-known Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, offers geographical and voter-affiliated benefits.

But then comes another group of contenders, for the spot on Biden’s ticket that he has likened to a calender model pinup competition, and who simply leave us dumbfounded.

We won’t even take the time to discuss the backgrounds or lack of reasoning behind this group of Vice Presidential hopefuls, but if the contestants would please step up…

Ladies and gentlemen, representing from the Peach State of Georgia, Ms. Keisha Lance Bottoms. Next, hailing from the Sunshine State of Florida, Ms. Val Demmings. And of course, we can’t forget Ms. Illinois, Senator Tammy Duckworth. How much time do you have?

Stacey Abrams, one of the more recent, and like many of these sudden candidates for VP, has somehow entered the contest too. The most recent contestant, however, as our story reported was the well-known and widely recognized former National Security Advisor Susan Rice. No, not Condoleezza, the other one.

Ms. Rice, as the aforementioned story shared, responded by saying, ‘…she feels “humbled and honored” that former Vice President Joe Biden is considering her as a possible running mate.’

Shh, don’t break her heart, she obviously hasn’t seen the list yet. Imagine how devastated she would be to discover that everyone is on the list – or at some point had been. Yeah, kind of takes the special and the “honored’ out of it, doesn’t it?

It also leaves most people wondering what in the hell is going on over there. The Biden campaign doesn’t have the excuse of being too busy with his campaign – there is this little thing called a pandemic going on right now (if you haven’t noticed), that has put a near-halt to the campaign trail.

And how many weeks have they had to discuss, investigate, and look at the benefits and drawbacks of these candidates? Even if there are 50 of them! What exactly have they been doing all this time?

In fact, it was only a few short weeks ago when team Biden was talking about having narrowed that list down. Apparently, they meant from 50 to 25.

So, who will win the crown of Ms. Vice President of America? Will there be a pullout pinup of the winner? Of course, that is all in jest, but isn’t this starting to feel a little… pageantry? Even for Joe?

We aren’t sure what the Biden camp is looking for either, but knowing that if their candidate could somehow win the Oval Office in November and that he would be 78 when he took office means they might be looking for the next VP and President. Shudder.

Hopefully, sometime before November, we will all know. The only thing that looks fairly certain right now, however, is that the VP position for Joe Biden’s ticket appears to be holding open auditions for women. And Ms. November is…