Did You Notice? What Biden Must Have to Be Able to Answer Questions

More and more questions continue to come up about Biden’s mental health – and the Dems are doing themselves no favors. Rather than addressing the issues, they’re trying desperately to avoid it. Yet, when a teleprompter is being used for what’s supposed to be a live interview, it leaves everyone wondering just what’s up with Biden.

During a virtual AFL-CIO event, Biden was seen struggling…again. One person asks how the Biden administration would “give them that chance.” While it’s unclear as to what she’s referring to, Biden asks for the teleprompter to be moved up. He sounds winded. And he can barely speak coherently.

First of all, if this is supposed to be a live event, then shouldn’t Biden be answering these questions live and off the cuff?

It means one of two things – Either the questions were staged and Biden had time to think of how he was going to answer or there was an intern typing the answers in real-time to help Biden answer them.

Regardless of which scenario went down, it’s an inexcusable method when we’re talking about the person potentially being the next president. Shouldn’t former VP Joe Biden be able to answer questions intelligently in a live setting without the use of a teleprompter? Trump does it on a daily basis.

Everything that Biden read off the screen sounded scripted. He didn’t talk with any passion. He went through the motions. We might as well be voting for the person behind the scenes at this point. Otherwise, the Dems are going to be voting in someone who means nothing. Can Biden do the job? This is the question more and more people are asking because he continues to prove that he may not be up for the challenge.

Once the video went viral, more people began tweeting to ask why he needed a teleprompter and why he can’t answer a question without a teleprompter. If the tables were turned and this was Trump requiring a teleprompter, the media would be all over him. Instead, the media wants to move past all of this to pretend as though there is no issue.

If this was a one-off issue, it could easily be attributed to Biden being tired. However, he sounds worn out. His breathing is labored. It’s similar to the speech he gave in Kenosha. And in Pittsburgh.

If he’s going to use a teleprompter to ensure that he sounds more presidential, he has to get better. Every time he’s got a teleprompter in front of him, he struggles. He simply can’t keep his thoughts together.

Oh, he does have a stuttering problem. Fine. That would cause a person to stumble a bit, but it’s not the stutter that’s leaving most Americans asking questions. It’s his confusion. It’s his inability to follow along with the prompter. And it’s the sound in his voice – as if he’s struggling to stand upright, breathe, and speak all at the same time.

There’s a reason why the Biden campaign has canceled so many interviews and speeches. They are concerned about his “wear and tear” on the campaign trail. If “wear and tear” is a real issue for Biden, there’s no way that he can handle being president.

Just look at the before and after photos of literally any president after serving four years. They look like they’ve aged by at least 10 years. Being president is hard on the body – mentally and physically.

If Biden is struggling with a few virtual interviews, he will struggle even more in the seat of the presidency – yet we’re not supposed to question that.

Let’s not forget that Biden even read, “end of quote” on the teleprompter when talking about Social Security. Seriously, this is the candidate that the Dems have chosen to defeat Trump.

The General Elections are right around the corner and we can’t get Biden to simply speak from the heart. It’s why Trump needs to win – otherwise, we’ll end up with Kamala Harris as the default president once Biden inevitably falls.