Disgust for Biden Goes Global

By RedhoodStudios shutterstock.com
By RedhoodStudios shutterstock.com

It was once said that former President of the United States Donald Trump was the absolute most disliked leader of the modern era, if not ever. However, in recent weeks, it seems that is no longer the case. Instead, it appears that title goes to our current commander in chief, Joe Biden.

What’s the proof, you might ask?

Well, aside from the many polls now proclaiming the fact that “strongly disliked” is a majority among the Americans who supposedly put the Biden in office, there is a resounding chant being heard around the nation.

If you haven’t heard of it, let me explain a bit.

Several weeks ago, the chant “F*** Joe Biden” started being heard at college football games. And since then, it has caught on like wildfire. Nearly every weekend, in every major city in the US, or wherever college sporting events or even just where larger than average masses of people come together, the chant can be heard.

Additionally, it can be seen on t-shirts, coffee mugs, hats, and just about any kind of memorabilia you can dream up.

There is even a less vulgar version that is growing in popularity for those with more sensitive ears and mouths.

This one began on Oct. 2 when the crowd at a NASCAR race at Alabama’s Talladega Speedway was heard chanting the obscenities now aimed at our president. However, thanks to the ever liberally backed news outlet NBC and a rather ignorant reporter, that chant was mistaken to sound more like “Let’s go, Brandon,” referring to the winner of that day’s race, Brandon Brown.

And so, another meme, shortly followed by a new version of the chant, was born.

But if that wasn’t bad enough, it seems the chant and the obvious dislike for Democrat Joe Biden and his administration has now made its way overseas.

According to Media Research Center and several Twitter users reported, on Saturday, the words “F*** Joe Biden” could be heard as far away as Rome, Italy, amid protests outside the US embassy there.

The protests, which took place citywide, were designed to let their government know that Italians weren’t at all happy about the pending “Green Pass” policy, which, if passed, would require all Italians to either show proof of vaccination, a negative test from the past 48 hours, or recovery within the last six months to be allowed to go to work, according to CBS News.

You might think that the law has little to do with the US or Biden, so it seems pointless for such a chant to be heard as part of the argument against it. However, it’s also important to note that the protests and the new pending stance of the law comes when Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was visiting Rome.

And Pelosi and our entire and ever liberally growing federal government seem to be a strong advocate for such laws.

This has led many worldwide, including Italians, to think of the US somewhat as the leader of tyranny rather than freedom. And as Biden is the face of that tyranny, it only makes sense for no one to like him.

Remember, this was a man described as not only a moderate but someone of class and dignity. Someone who could restore balance to the US as well as unity. Additionally, he promised to eliminate the pandemic, take charge, and free Americans from its grasp.

And yet, that’s not at all what he’s done.

With his constant babbling on about vaccines, booster shots, proof of immunity, and so on, he’s only put an even larger wedge between the two major sides of our nation. Then there are the ongoing problems at our southern border, where people of all backgrounds and sins are allowed to enter our lands, homes, and business with nothing more than a welcome sign. And, of course, there the fact that Biden’s embarrassed us on the world stage as being cowards, leaving our own to the wolves in Afghanistan.

We were supposed to be an example of freedom, yet Biden has made us an international disgrace, and the world knows it.