Disgusting! Life Under Democratic Rule Reveals Children Sold for Sex

The Democratic poison is taught in major universities all around the country. Liberal professors pollute the minds of the younger generation with evolutionary minded ideas about life and humanity.

These dangerous teachings are reasons behind the violent attacks and the human smuggling taking place in America today. They are the reasons why a woman from Montana would sell a 5-year old girl into slavery for a one-night stand to have sex with a man.

Corena Marie Mountain Chief is the low-life that attacked a 5-year old girl by selling into slavery. Mountain Chief was sentenced to 100 years in prison. She will get 50 years suspended and no be able to apply for parole for 25 years. She is also going to have to register as a tier 1 sex offender.

Her actions have harmed the innocence of a little child for a one-night stand with a man. This little girl depended on the adult for safety and an environment conducive to childhood learning and development. But Mountain Chief took that away from her for her selfish desires.

The demonic teachings from the Democratic Party and their liberal professor friends lead people to believe that survival of the fittest is the usual way of life. When a person is told that they are no different than an animal, the concept of survival of the fittest takes on a whole new meaning.

Human trafficking is a significant problem in every state. Adults taking kids and selling them into slavery for a one-night stand is appalling. Mountain Chief sold the baby girl to Edwin Eugene Sherbondy. He abused the little girl and did all sorts of things that are humanly unspeakable.

Sherbondy has a record of child endangerment and trafficking of people. He has been charged in unrelated cases with previous smuggling efforts. His unrelenting attempts to send kids to slavery is a mark of his personhood. He also threatens people to keep them from ratting him out. He was charged with witness tampering.

Mountain Chief is a person that knows she had a problem and did nothing to get help for it. But there is nothing that she can do to blame her actions on those problems. People make their choices on what they believe. She believes that it is right to sell kids for sex.

At the time, the young girl finally came to the police and told them that Sherbondy was the one that did the horrible things to her. His childhood abuse and endangerment history should have been dealt with before it ever got to this point. When a person threatens others with harm, the offender may get away with their deed.

Mountain Chief and Sherbondy is the perfect picture of what life will be like under Democrat rule. Liberals want to see open borders and violent offenders set free. They embrace crime and want to diminish law and order.

Open borders will allow illegals to come into the country without any screening or checks at the border. This means that they can freely bring their drugs into America and take little girls back with them with the intent of selling them into sex slavery.

Joe Biden is a significant problem for Americans. He supports the progressive views of open borders. He has stated that he wants to defund the police around the nation, which will let crime flourish. People that have been brainwashed by the destructive teachings of the Democrats will not have a problem trusting the liberals.

The truth is that they will be preyed on, and when they speak out, no one will listen because the Democrats will be in control. Their main goal is to destroy the country as it stands today.

President Trump stands for freedom, and it is his mission to protect America for another term. His support of law enforcement has earned him the support of all the unions and associations.

Americans that have not been brainwashed by the liberals poison realize they need a president that will work for them and not demand that people work for the president.