Disney Silently (but Not Stealthily) Pumps the Gay Agenda Into Kids’ Shows

Ivan Marc / shutterstock.com

In the wake of the new Parental Rights in Education bill in Florida, many people and organizations have been discussing what it means for families and kids. From out-of-state politicians to celebrities, or global businesses, everyone has been weighing in on the future for the kids. One of the loudest voices has been that of the Disney corporation.

With a big progressive-friendly agenda, it’s no surprise that they have been pushing out misinformation and allowing their cast members to protest. Yet, it’s not been about their rights or anything else. It’s been about the same thing you can see — the bottom line if you’ve ever visited one of their theme parks: money. That same root of all evil has been pumping ideas and fantasies into kids’ heads and obsessing many adults for generations.

Now, thanks to a secret video recording of a Disney meeting, it becomes simple to see why they have been so vocal about the bill. They have been flooding the gay agenda towards kids for years. Manhattan Institute senior fellow and activist Chris Rufo broke the news and leaked the clips of the meeting online.

In a tweet, Rufo says “SCOOP: I’ve obtained video from inside Disney’s all-hands meeting about the Florida parental rights bill, in which executive producer Latoya Raveneau says her team has implemented a “not-at-all-secret gay agenda” and is regularly “adding queerness” to children’s programming.” These clips feature a wide variety of Disney executives and others as they discuss their plans for the bill.

Among the people in the video, Disney corporate president, Karey Burke, executive producer Latoya Raveneau, and production coordinator Allen March stand out specifically. As they discuss their plans to flood the market with gay and transgender content, it becomes clear that they have a single goal of poisoning your child’s minds with the brainwashing of being gay or transgendered is the cool new thing to do. That it should be a goal to make that change.

Rufo went on to show the person identified as Raveneau explaining how Disney leadership was not only aware of but was very supportive of the very openly gay agenda. Given the changes that are seen in their television programming, movies, and merchandising, Disney is incredibly willing to take the gay train all the way up the mountain. They see this as the future of society and want to be the first to be in the club.

For ages, there have been allegations of sexual misconduct and hidden jokes, and sexually-oriented objects in Disney films and merchandise. So, to find them on the progressive side of the debate is not surprising. While not what a majority of Americans want it in their entertainment, Disney is willing to bow and kiss the ring for the sake of not having to risk being canceled or shut out.

With their public statements about the bill and these leaked clips, it is abundantly clear that the current leadership from Disney is not about American values the same way it was when founder Walt Disney was still alive. They have morphed into a shell of what they once were, and they have no desire to get back on track with the great wholesome company they once were. Long gone are the days of wholesome family entertainment without sexuality or the gay agenda.

As far as Disney seems to be concerned, they want your kids brainwashed by kindergarten, and trying to transition by second grade. At this point, is there anything sacred left anymore?