DJ Mo’Kelly was Kissing up to Roger Stone…But it was all a Trap…And it Failed

Welcome to the new America, the land of the racially divided. While our nation has fought long and hard to conquer racism in the name of equality for all, there are still those who claim it isn’t enough.

Now that every statue in America has been ripped off of its base, and products such as Uncle Ben’s converted rice have been buried six-feet under, accusations against any non-black or non-minority continue to fly.

Anyone and this literally means everyone, whose skin tone is a lighter shade of pale, is a racist, whether they are or not. They just don’t realize it. It’s been passed on through the DNA of their white ancestors who centuries ago were slave owners.

To prove this ill-begotten thought, fabrication is key. Little white lies, pardon the pun, are tossed out with regularity in efforts to fortify and escalate the tensions of Black Liver Matter activists. Unfortunately, they work well.

One such accusation was made during a recent interview by Mo’Kelly, who up until now was a little known DJ at an AM radio station in the greater Los Angeles area. His accusation has risen him to stardom, which otherwise, would never have happened for the struggling left-wing radio host with barely a hand full of followers.

His victim? The one and only Roger Stone who was legally acquitted for crimes he never committed by the leader of the free world, Donald J. Trump. As if Stone doesn’t already have enough on his plate, it’s now overflowing, once again, for something he simply did not do or say.

The interview Stone consented to turned out to not be an interview at all. Mo’Kelly, instead, went straight for Stone’s jugular with a series of misinformed jabs as he attempted to twist a sharpened blade by contradicting everything Stone had to say.

One can only imagine the frustration Stone was feeling after realizing he had stepped straight into a trap, purposely devised to toss him under a bus. Finally reaching his breaking point, Stone informed the insignificant DJ, he was done arguing and defending himself against the false accusations being ruthlessly lobbed at him.

But this is not the way Stones retort came across the airwaves. Amazingly, the station just happened to have experienced a mechanical blip at the exact same moment Stone voiced his intent to stop the interview.

But it was not a blip at all. According to news correspondent who has known Stone for more than a decade, a voice that did not belong to Stone at all made it sound as though he had said, “I refuse to argue with this Negro.”

In no uncertain terms, the correspondent said, “That was not his voice.” To booster his ridiculous claims, Mo’Kelly simply said “The audio is the audio.”

Roger Stone has finally released his statement regarding the incident, and it more than put the failing unpopular DJ in his rightful place.

“The audio is the audio? He’s right. His studio engineer can very clearly be heard using the alleged epitaph after he cut my sound feed off three times and is berated by Kelly. Why is it that everyone on the left must label anyone who disagrees with them or supports President Trump as a racist?”

“This is a smear designed to boost Mr. Kelly’s meager ratings at my expense. My recording of the interview is garbled, has cross-talk from another radio show, and cut off my sound feed three times. If I insulted Mr. Kelly, why did he then continue to kiss my ass for the next 40 minutes?”

“Anyone who understands my disagreement with President Ronald Reagan over his failure to extend the voting rights act, my continued support for the Nixon administration policy of affirmative action, my 30-year opposition to the racist war on drugs and my continuing campaign for a pardon for the early civil rights leader Marcus Garvey who was railroaded by the FBI and my praise for President Trump’s 2nd Chance Act… knows I despise racism!”

The moral of the story? Not all that appears to be true, is in fact, the truth. Especially in these times. Be careful out there. Use that grain of salt.