DNC’s Anti-Deportation Posterchild’s Story Unfolds Telling A Highly Detrimental Tale For The Party’s Platform

Estela Juarez is a name that wasn’t well known before this year’s Democratic National Convention, however, the illegal immigrant is known now since being used as a way to criticize President Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, accusing him of heartless immigration tactics.

Juarez has a gut-wrenching story, without a doubt. The mother and immigrant’s story was told by her 11-year-old daughter, Estella, whose letter was read for the benefit of Biden at the conference.

“My mom is my best friend. She came to America as a teenager over 20 years ago without papers in search of a better life,” said Estella’s tear-jerking letter. “She married my dad, who served our country as a Marine in South America, Africa, and Iraq.”

The 11-year-old’s supposedly original letter went on to say that her mother has worked hard and paid taxes and that the Obama administration made allowances for her to stay.

“My dad thought you would protect military families, so he voted for you in 2016, Mr. President. He says he won’t vote for you again after what you did to our family. Instead of protecting us, you tore our world apart. Now, my mom is gone, and she’s been taken from us for no reason at all. Every day that passes, you deport more moms and dads and take them away from kids like me.”

The letter continued it’s scathing rebuke of the Trump administration, saying that thousands of children and their parents have been separated, with the children having been put in cages, “Some of those kids are now orphans because of you” in a claim without any clear supporting evidence.

“Mr. President, my mom is the wife of a proud American Marine and a mother of two American children. We are American families. We need a president who will bring people together, not tear them apart.”

To say that Estella’s story was both compelling and on par with the type of logic most often used by Democratic politicians would be an understatement. One could probably go so far as to say that the 11-year-old’s supposed original work was an iconic portrayal of how liberals gain supporters.

The trouble with their tactic is that it’s clear and easily proven, to be a hoax. While the type of tactic used is common, it’s not as common that the party makes it so incredibly easy for fact-checkers to see through the tactic. We will take a look at that history, with some special notes by dates, for the sake of clarity.

According to The Washington Times, Juarez first illegally crossed into the United States in 1998 (Clinton administration) and was caught by border patrol and sent back to Mexico.

She again sneaked back into the U.S., which made the crossing a “felony act,” and remained seemingly unscathed until 2013 (Obama administration). It was under Obama’s tutelage that she popped up on Immigration and Customs Enforcement radar after a traffic stop.

“Experts said an Obama-era initiative expanding the use of local police fingerprint checks to aid deportations likely flagged Mrs. Juarez for ICE,” The Washington Times added. “At that point, the Obama Homeland Security Department had a choice. It could have shown leniency but instead reinstated her deportation order from 1998 [Clinton again], putting her on the path to deportation that the Trump Homeland Security Department carried out in The ad video in which Democrats featured Estela Juarez also falsely misrepresented comments that Trump has made during his presidency.”

What was the DNC thinking parading one of their own deportation stories and attempting to pin it on Trump? No one really knows, but it almost makes one think that they’re trying to get caught in their lackluster support of an unlikely candidate, possibly pushing off their biggest dreams until 2024.