Drama Queen! Harris Deserves Heckling After She is Exposed to COVID-19

Democrats everywhere have been unmerciful to President Trump after he came down with COVID-19. Nancy Pelosi indirectly wished for his untimely demise while others mocked him for his reluctance to wear a mask.

There is a sense of irony about the fact that Kamala Harris has been exposed to the virus. It makes the point that everyone is at risk no matter what.

Her fearful countenance has already caused her to take three COVID-19 tests. She claims that they have been done to keep others safe and keep them from getting the virus. But that is what the liberals say the mask was for.

The people within her campaign are testing positive for the virus. Of course, they were wearing their masks at the time of the infection. It appears that masks do not work that well, after all. The CDC and other sources are now claiming that masks at not as effective as they thought they were.

The Democrats think that it is fine, to tell the truth after their lies have run people into the ground. Harris’s lies are catching up with her. The virus is knocking on her door.

Harris has stated that she is going to quarantine herself. Even after three tests that all came back negative. She feels the need to isolate herself from others so she does not get the virus.

Biden has done much of the same action as he lived in his basement, refusing to come out earlier this year. For a Democrat, it is not about protecting others but about saving their own lives.

Harris and her puppet partner run a modified version of a normal campaign. They think that their ways will keep them safe. But she soon found out that the virus likes to munch on Democrats as much as the next person. Both Biden and Harris further their overreaction by canceling planned stops on their campaign trail.

Jen O’ Malley Dillion works as Biden’s campaign manager. She stated of Harris that “Senator Harris was not in close contact, as defined by the CDC, with either of these individuals during the two days prior to their positive tests; as such, there is no requirement for quarantine.” If there is no need for quarantine, there is no need to cancel trips and hide in the basement. But that is what Harris and Biden are planning on doing.

This gives the two liberals an excuse for when they lose next month. Biden and Harris can blame their loss on the virus and how it kept them and their voters from really connecting along the way. At least women will not have to worry about Biden sniffing them at the rallies.

Dillion also pointed out that “neither of these people have had contact with Vice President Biden, Senator Harris, or any other staffers since testing positive or in the 48 hours prior to their positive test results.” A further reason for the two loony politicians to stop their panic living drama.

Dillion should not be the one making these statements. Harris and Biden should be speaking for themselves. But they are too afraid to go out in public and live. President Trump at least addressed the people before and after he entered the hospital. He even tweeted things about his condition while in quarantine.

Dillion also mentioned that Harris wore the N95 mask while traveling. This is another contradiction she has to answer for. Democrats push face coverings on people but do not give them the N95 masks. This is the only mask proven actually to block the virus.

For President Trump, the virus is just another part of life. He has not let it produce fear in him or his family. He models that calmness before the people. There is a sense of hope and security, knowing that the virus is not as deadly to people as the Democrats have said that it is.

Harris and her team have proven that the virus can still get through, no matter what anyone does. It is time for her and Biden to grow up and stop using the virus as a smokescreen for their political games. The CDC guidelines are not law. And people need to stop treating them as such.