Drug Induced Reality Sets in for San Francisco’s Democrats

San Francisco used to be known as a delightful place to live and visit. But as Democratic fascism swept through the political leadership the people started to suffer.

They are no longer part of a city that people want to visit because of the trash and ruin left in the wake of the liberal takeover. The city has a lot of problems. But there is one that is greater than them all and that is the homeless.

They are found on every street and every alleyway. The saddest part of it all is that the Democrats could care less about helping them in a way that would change their lives.

The liberals of the city thought it would be a great idea to destroy the hotels by placing people in them that lived on the streets. The decision was based on the need to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

But being out in the open was the best place they could be because hotels are a confined space which is where the virus seems to spread the best.

The city leaders forced the homeless out of their tents and into hotel rooms hoping that they would stay healthy. In the end, the staunch idea turned into a major disaster. Most homeless people have learned to live dirty.

They have no reason to clean things up after they leave an area. Their trash and dirty remains are often left behind for others to clean up. In this case, the real victims are the hotel owners and managers that have to deal with the damages done to their rooms, because they were forced by socialists to comply or face consequences.

Erica Sandberg is a City Journal contributor and she noted the facts that “It’s solving exactly nothing and as a matter of fact, it’s making all the problems worse.”

The Democrat’s idea of isolating the homeless has led to conditions that are beyond words and boggle the boundaries of sane imagination. These people are of such a nature that compassion and care are just not part of their vocabularies.

The Democrats have shown once again that their ideas are completely stupid. Sandberg also said that “You are talking drug-fueled parties, overdoses, deaths, people are being assaulted. You have sexual assaults going on, it is pandemonium. It is extremely bad, and it needs to stop.” So, what started out as a stupid idea has turned hotels into frat houses full of beer and crime.

The city council took about 5,000 rooms for their use to house the homeless. The idea sounded good until it was discovered that the city was giving the homeless drugs and alcohol to those that are staying in the hotels.

The liberals set in motion their plan to destroy the hotels which would harm the tourism industry in the end. Their actions have had ripple effects around the country. Instead of giving them drugs and alcohol, it would have been better to help the people find work and a place to live. They would have to be educated on how to care for themselves as hope would be extended to them.

Sandberg went on to point out that “The people who are assigned as disaster workers, these people have been librarians. They are just paper pushers, administrators who are reassigned to these hotels, and what they are telling me is beyond the pale. They are not just horrified, they are traumatized by what they see. You have mattresses that have feces on them, blood, hospital bands on the floor. What people are seeing is so horrible that they walk out and they say, ‘I don’t want to go back in there.’”

It is a classic horror scene of a bad movie.

And the people responsible for the whole mess are trying to look the other way and pretending like nothing ever happened or is wrong. The deed is done, and the actions of the city leaders are well-documented.

There is no escape for them over these issues. The drug-induced liberal city leaders will not be able to escape into drug land this time to get out of the trouble that is coming their way.