Economy Tanking, North Korea Blames Its Peasants!

The perpetual struggle session that is North Korea continues.

The North Korean economy is in freefall. Except this time, the North Korean regime isn’t fingering the usual cast of suspects, such as the United States and its allies, for the blame.

The iron-fisted dictators of North Korea are now apparently blaming their own “apathetic” citizens for the economy’s implosion.

The huddled and oppressed peasants of North Korea can’t catch a break.

A new round of propaganda posters from the North Korean regime spells it out for us, blaming “apathetic” and “self-protecting” peasants for the economic woes roiling the Hermit Kingdom.

The types of imagery and language in the propaganda posters had been previously reserved for attacking foreign enemies and denouncing American sanctions.

Now it’s the North Korean peasantry’s turn in the barrel – alas, the barrel is all they know, having been born into it.

This development marks a shift for the North Korean regime, moving from blaming its economic problems on external threats to now pinning the troubles on internal enemies.

This week at a North Korean party conference, the regime unveiled five propaganda posters, each nuttier than the last, that proclaim their new change of view regarding who is responsible for the floundering North Korean state.

One poster calls for “categorically removing the ideological maladies obstructive to the progress” of North Korea. A mouthful, to be sure. Such a statement could have been written by an Oberlin College Intersectional Gender Studies Professor. Clearly, they didn’t consult Madison Avenue.

The new North Korean propaganda calls for its citizenry to “fulfill the five-year plan” that the party has outlined “through fresh innovation, bold creation and uninterrupted advance.”


Living in North Korea is Sophie’s Choice of being tortured and/or shot and/or starving to death. The only viable solution for the average brutally oppressed North Korean citizen is to self-lobotomize and robotically follow the propaganda du jour.

“The main enemies appear to be at home right now,” said Peter Ward, a North Korean researcher. While the peasants are bearing the brunt of the blame, it appears that North Korean officials are also on the receiving end of Dear Leader Kim Jong Un’s molten ire.

Some of the propaganda posters call out “obstructive” officials for “unhesitatingly abandoning” decisions made at the major annual party conference in January.

What this tells us is that discipline and loyalty in the North Korean party apparatus are fraying. At the apex of the regime is dictator Kim Jong Un, but below him, within the party power structure that comprises the ruling pyramid, there is a mass defection of once-loyal lieutenants as the economy melts down.

The party’s commitment to the iron-clad policy proclamations made in January lasted less than a month, as functionaries fear that the Not-So-Great Helmsman Kim Jong Un is steering the Ship of State into the rocks.

Hold fast, says top North Korean official Jo Yong Won. Jo added that any actions not falling in line “should be considered as absolutely intolerable anti-Party, anti-popular acts against the idea and intention of Kim Jong Un.”

In short: comply or die.

Rarely before has the North Korean spent its vitriol on its internal party officials. Typical targets of the regime are “sanctions,” “foreign pressure,” and “foreign reliance.”

Of course, the United States is always a familiar foe that Kim Jong Un eagerly straps to the whipping post for a lashing in order to whip up his countrymen’s passions and distract from the corrupt blood-soaked depravity of his rule.

However, this time it looks as though the grand ruse of North Korea is wearing thin: the regime’s legitimacy, which purports to justify Kim Jong Un’s grip on power and the abject poverty of the North Korean people, is imploding from within.

Kim Jong Un is running out of boogeymen to blame. His brutal regime has killed off all opposition and now finds itself with no one to point a finger at, except itself.

Bless your lucky stars that you live in America. As a matter of fact, bless your lucky stars if you live anywhere BUT the insane horror show that is North Korea. Better to be reincarnated as a dung beetle than a North Korean peasant. The “Democratic” People’s Republic of Korea makes Somalia look like the Ritz Carlton by comparison.

The economy is free fall, the regime is in chaos, and the peasants are to blame – it’s just another day in the life of North Korea.