Election Fraud Goes Even Darker: Audit in Savannah, Georgia Shows Voting Machines Were Sending Data to China

The Dominion Voting Machines in Antrim County, Michigan are currently being investigated by a team of IT experts that is led by Russell Ramsland. Ramsland has since filed an affidavit. He believes that the voting results that have taken place in Michigan are a mathematical impossibility. His forensic audit in Georgia also showed results that are irregular.

“Shows tabulation machines were sending election results to CHINA,” Ramsland said. “It looks like it’s going to prove out to be correct that in Georgia there is a “smart thermostat” that is talking to the tabulations and reporting the votes back to China. And that was traced by a Microsoft engineer and he brought it to our attention yesterday. So that’s being monitored,” he continued.

Ramsland and other investigators are not being taken as seriously as they should right now and that is unfortunate. All of the hard work that they have done is barely being acknowledged. The nation is currently in the midst of a culture war unlike any other that we have seen. The leftists want to act like they are people of empathy and that they truly care about the welfare of the nation.

Wait until you ask them about the stolen election, though. The prevailing mentality seems to be a simple one. Even if you can convince people that the election was stolen, no one actually seems to care. There is a sense that the stolen election was supposed to function as some sort of punishment for Trump. Since he was a bad orange man, he deserved to have his post stripped away from him.

This is the childish behavior that we are currently up against. It’s not going to get better once Biden is officially sworn into office, either. He’s more than happy to encourage all of these people and he’s glad to have the sort of say so that allows a man to steal an election without anyone getting too upset. Ramsland is working tirelessly to make sure that this does not go unnoticed.

We are fortunate to live in a country where there is no shortage of patriots who are willing to do the right thing. Their voices might be drowned out by all of the leftists who are merely looking to seize control over the discourse at the moment. That does not mean that we have to allow them to do so, it is merely just a statement of the current facts as we know them.

If IT experts and mathematicians are finding fault with the election, why can’t people realize that there is probably something to that? We are not sure what the skeptics are waiting for. Videos, studies, pictures, tabulations, and the like have all been provided. Despite the growing mountain of evidence, Biden and his ilk are still preparing to move into the White House illegally.

That’s just the way of the world now. We have to sit back and watch these crooks steal the election, even when we know for a fact that they are lying. Anyone who says otherwise is shouted down by the mainstream media and if you are especially lucky, they will call you a racist while they are tearing you down. The deep state was enabling this theft and it’s obvious to anyone who is not drinking the Biden Kool-Aid.

Chinese spies seem to be getting more of a say over our democracy than we are and that’s enough to cause a lot of disillusionment. We are not here to throw gasoline on that fire, though. That is something that the lefties do when they do not get their own way. We know better than to behave in such a manner.

We wish Ramsland and all of the other brave Americans who are fighting the good fight all of the best. They are our last line of defense at the moment and they should be treated as such.