Energy Department Flushed $1 Billion Away in Failed Attempts to Fix Climate Change

Mark Van Scyoc /
Mark Van Scyoc /

The climate is changing whether we want it to or not. It’s part of the way that the planet evolves. The liberals may not want to hear this, but the sooner they accept it, the sooner they can stop wasting money to “fix” it.

The reality is that the science is not showing that climate change is something that is reversible. And every time that the scientists prove a certain thing, the planet does whatever it wants anyway.

It used to be that we heard about global warming. Only, now, it isn’t being called global warming since there are parts of the world, such as Alaska and Antarctica that have gotten so much colder in recent years that the ice caps and glaciers have been improving.

So, the liberals have decided to settle on climate change. It’s how they explain earthquakes, tornadoes, and everything else – even though those things have been happening since the dawn of time.

Let’s also mention that the various efforts to “fix” the climate have to be agreed upon by everyone on the planet. As long as China and India continue to aggressively use coal, releasing unfathomable greenhouse emissions into the air, nothing that the rest of us do will make a difference.

Yet, that’s not going to stop the Energy Department from trying. And…it’s cost nearly $1 billion for them to try. That’s a lot of money, only to fail repeatedly.

The Department of Energy invested over $1 billion over the past decade in an effort to reduce carbon emissions. The projects included carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects. Many were either canceled or unsuccessful, based on a report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

The department failed to evaluate the projects, which utilized advanced technology to reduce the carbon emissions from fossil fuel power plants across the country.

Now, as the Biden administration had the infrastructure bill approved, it means that even more money is going to go toward climate change. Since it’s been a money pit for over 10 years, there’s obviously cause for concern.

The report from the GAO stated that they’re addressing a matter for congressional consideration “that Congress consider implementing a mechanism for greater oversight and accountability of DOE CCS demonstration project funding.”

Right now, the DOE doesn’t have a sufficient process to select and negotiate the funding of projects. This increases the risks, which means that the DOE is more likely to fund projects that will fail.

There are constant issues with the DOE spending money that doesn’t really do anything. For example, they spent $472 million to define and design four facilities, which never actually got constructed. The worst of it is that it was $300 million more than what was originally planned. The department is bleeding money, and the liberals have the audacity to hold out their hands and ask for even more money to address climate change.

It’s about time they start using the money that they’ve already been allocated in more effective ways. Otherwise, we’re going to see even more issues once spending starts as part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that was passed in November.

A carbon capture policy manager with Clean Air Task Force, Matt Bright, hit the nail on the head with his comment that “taxpayers need to be assured that carbon capture projects are developed on time and economically in order to help the U.S. achieve its (climate goals).”

If we can achieve goals, great. But let’s at least agree to stop flushing billions of dollars away when that money could be used in so many other and more effective ways.