Republicans Trying to Stop Spying on Domestic Texts and Cell Phones

The dishonest Democrats are all about keeping their corruption and illegal activity secret for as long as they can. They are hoping that the National Security Agency program will fade away so they can rest knowing that they are no longer being listened to as they engage in their filthy behavior.

Some Republicans would love to see the program discontinued, but for different reasons. They are more concerned about the privacy of American citizens rather than their behavior.

President Trump is requesting that the program be renewed as an ongoing part of the war on terrorism. The program has provided valuable intelligence and has revealed people that have an agenda to harm innocent people.

It is impossible to know how many lives have been saved through the program. The Democrats hate the program because they have to live in fear of being found engaging in criminal behavior.

The program works by scanning through text messages and phone calls looking for any kind of talk that could be considered as clues to another terrorist attack. William Barr has met with the Republicans of the Senate and is encouraging them to stand up and renew the program.

The program is part of a larger bill known as the USA Freedom Act. The program has been hotly debated and opposed by many people. But they can all agree that it has provided needed intelligence to stop attacks on American people.

The program is needed to fight terrorism. President Trump is urging for its renewal. But the two-faced Democrats in the House are standing in the way once again. The Democrats have never supported President Trump on his decisions and request.

Ironically, the program was just fine with the menacing Democrats when their beloved Obama sat in the White House. They just do not like having any control over how it is being used. They are fearful of the truth about their true intents coming to the surface.

The NSA has long since put the program on the inactive list. But President Trump wants the authorization to renew it to go through so if it is ever needed again it can be used. The Republicans are great at cutting out programs that are not being used. This is one that they are considering doing away with because it is on the inactive list.

Lindsey Graham stated that “That’ll be a tough sell if you don’t use it.” If the President is planning on using it, then it would stand to reason that it would be renewed. It comes down for the Republicans to see the need for the program.

If there is a need, then they have no problem renewing it. But the Democrats hate if for other reasons. They want to live in secret and hiding their hatred for the country. They are just tired of having to hide their emails and texts from being seen by the police.

John Cornyn has stated that “The NSA has indicated they think on balance that the phone program isn’t worth it, given their other priorities.” There is work on both sides to renew the program or see it suspended.

There are also some Republicans that would love to restrictions placed on surveillance given how the lolling Democrats spied on President Trump during the 2016 campaign. Proving that the Democrats would be in favor of it if they had control of it.

The president has no intention of using the program to take down Americans. Both President Trump and the Republicans never want to see things like “secret courts” and “secret warrants” being issued against innocent people.

The Democrats, on the other hand, would love to see this abuse of power. They have already demonstrated that point when they tried to force people to testify before Congress on matters that inherently fake.

William Barr is in favor of the program and has assured everyone that measures would be taken to limit its use to matters that it would apply to. Innocent people would be left alone and nothing illegal would take place. The president and the Republicans only have the best intentions towards the American people and their safety.