Environmentalist Proves AOC Dead Wrong

For quite some time the left has touted that the world is experiencing a significant shift in our climate due to the erroneous ways of humanity.

According to them, the Earth and its resources as we know it will soon be gone, destroyed because of our lack of thought or care.

And while there may be some small truth to that, liberals have a habit of magnifying the situation and making it into something much larger than it actually is.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one such person. But this week, her outrageous claims of the world’s end have been put under a microscope and found to be nothing more than the rantings of a crazy woman hell-bent on making us a socialist nation.

Over the weekend, she posted a video of some of the mass destruction wrought by recent Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. One might have thought she would be asking for us to support those affected but no.

Instead, she claimed, “This is what climate changed looks like: it hits vulnerable communities first.” And she continued by demanding change.

“We either decarbonize & cut emissions, or we don’t & let people die.”

However, there is a slight problem with her accusations. None of it is true. And a world-renown expert was there to let her know the facts.

Bjorn Lomborg, a long-time environmentalist of over 20 years, has a beautiful habit of debunking myths and claims that others, whether they are crazy politicians or environmentalists themselves, maintain as truth. And for those who proport such notions, the actual fact coming from Lomborg can be rather brutal.

Such as it was for AOC. Now, he was not rude or even accusatory towards AOC herself. He stated the honest facts about climate change, recent hurricane activity, and pure science.

And it put her to shame.

He wrote in the New York Post, “(there were) only three major hurricanes greater than a Category 3 to hit the continental US in the last 13 years. That’s a record low since 1900. For comparison, the average over the same timeframe has been nearly eight major hurricanes.”

What he is saying here is that actually, we are in far better shape hurricane wise than we have been in the last 120 years.

According to the average, we should have had a total of eight major hurricanes within the last 13 years. We only had three. So we are down by five, and that’s an excellent thing.

So if having more hurricanes or even more major ones is a sign of climate change and global warming, then I’d say we are looking pretty good right now.

Lomborg goes on to say that while he does believe climate change is happening and it will make hurricanes stronger and more damaging, at the moment science proves that we are still a long way off from the most damaging effects.

He says, “a major study in Nature showed hurricane damage today runs the world about 0.04 percent of GDP. Accounting for growth in prosperity (meaning we are better prepared), by 2100 this would drop to 0.01 percent.

And the effect of global warming making storms fewer but stronger will see damage end up around 0.02 percent.”

This means that while global warming is affecting climate change by making fewer but stronger hurricanes, the effect or damage of those will continue to drop.

Things are better than they have ever been as far as storms go and are only to get better.

So why are AOC and her cohorts always complaining about decarbonization and getting rid of emissions, when there isn’t really a need to, at least not on the scale she wants?

Because doing so would drastically change our nation’s economy and put us right on track for getting rid of capitalism.

Once again, it’s all a power trip for her. If she succeeds in making us a socialist nation, sure there will be equality, but we won’t be equally wealthy. We will be equally poor.

Just look at socialist nations elsewhere in the world. The only wealth is held by the minuscule amount of those in command.

The rest of the country is held captive in poverty, merely squeaking out a living on scraps.

If AOC is so worried about helping out those who are less fortunate, she would make sure capitalism lives and not be focused on climate change affected disasters that will never happen.