Even Hillary Clinton Steps in to Watch Cuomo Fall Out of Favor

You know that things are serious when the liberal sharks start circling the blood of their own.

Hillary Clinton is usually one to stand behind her fellow New Yorkers when they are in need of support. However, she has decided to take a front-row position to the downfall of Andrew Cuomo.

Each and every week, another person steps forward to identify that the governor of New York made unwanted advances. The sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo are starting to pile up.

Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State, has endorsed a full investigation into these allegations. She could have stood behind him to talk of his character. However, she is stepping aside to show that there may truly be a reason for concern.

In a statement she made, Clinton said that the stories are not only difficult to read but also bring forth serious questions that “all New Yorkers deserve answers to.”

Although she’s been a political ally of Cuomo for years, she explains that she’s glad to see a “full, independent, and thorough” investigation.

It appears that Cuomo’s career is over. It’s only a matter of time before his book deal is pulled. He may not be allowed to finish his term as governor, either. After all, the country does not take lightly to those who have committed crimes of sexual harassment. With several former staffers coming forward to accuse the governor of inappropriate remarks and unwanted sexual advances, it will be hard for him to overcome this.

The more that comes out, the more it looks bad for Cuomo. The governor has already hired lawyers. Meanwhile, it has come out that he has spoken openly to staffers about desiring relationships with women in their 20s – women considerably younger than he.

Lindsey Boylan, one of Cuomo’s accusers, has even gone as far as releasing a blog post to share the list of misdeeds that he is guilty of. This includes inappropriate touching, unwanted kisses, and the proposal of a game of strip poker.

Of course, Andrew Cuomo has categorically denied any kind of misconduct with Boylan. The only thing he has said in the matter is that he may have been too personal with some of the women in his office.

Now, as it pertains to Hillary Clinton, she has come to watch the entirety of Cuomo’s career come to an end. She has become a supporter of women’s rights. If the governor thought that Clinton was going to come to his rescue, he is sadly mistaken.

No one, actually, has been quick to provide any kind of statement of character to Cuomo. It is as if they have all decided to watch one of their own sink into the liberal quicksand. First, he made a call to let those in nursing homes die of COVID. Then, he has chosen to make countless missteps with female staffers.

There’s no way to come back after this. While Cuomo was preparing for another round as governor, it appears that won’t be happening.

Hillary Clinton showing up to rub salt in the wound is simply a show of her own character. She wants to see it all happen up close and personal.

While Clinton may have been interested in becoming governor of the state at one point, it’s unlikely that she would consider such a thing now. However, that doesn’t mean that she isn’t interested in various candidates. It’s certain that she’ll do whatever she can to ensure that the state isn’t taken into the red zone.

Although NYC’s mayor Bill De Blasio has expressed interest, he hasn’t shown that he’s capable of leading his own city let alone the entire state. Letitia James, the Attorney General of New York, has also expressed interest in the job. And she just happens to be the one investigating the allegations. Conflict of interest? The liberals wouldn’t have it any other way.