Evil Iran Plus Joe Biden Equals Murderous Marauders

Iran is the new monster that people tell horror stories about around the campfire. People tell how Joe Biden and his governing god Barack Obama have placated to the wishes of the terrorist regime for over a decade. The deals they have entered into have screwed the American people and given favors to the enemy. But with all the horrors that come out of the Democratic Party, Biden’s hatred for the United States trumps them all.

Biden has but ditched America and joined with the Muslims. The progressives love him for it, and they are cheering him on from the sidelines. Iran’s lust for nuclear power happens to be at the top of Biden’s list. The way he favored Hamas over Israel clearly proves that the man will do anything to favor those who genuinely hate freedom.

The way that the Democrats have handled Iran is all about favoritism. When Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of the worst deal imaginable, Iran and critical Democrats were meeting behind closed doors to determine ways that they could get the deal back. They secretly worked with the enemy to undermine the security of America. In another day and age, that action would be considered treason.

Iran is a major supporter and supplier to terrorist groups around the world. Hamas revealed that they got their rockets from Iran so that they could kill Jews with them. One report noted that some news is “particularly striking because Iran at the time was backing plots to kill Americans stationed in neighboring Iraq and the regime was funneling money, including funds it received from sanctions relief under the JCPOA, to terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah.”

The Democrats secretly supported Iran for Trump’s term with the purpose of dragging American back into the worst deal of the century. The liberal elite is working hard and planning ahead with how they are going to destroy freedom in America and around the world by helping Iran develop nuclear weapons.

The web gets steamy as Iran holds onto Biden’s sweaty hand in their political love affair. Biden is announcing that he is going to lift the sanctions that have kept Iran from getting the money to press on for their nuclear power desires. And what is horrifying is that the vast majority of common Iranian people have begged Biden not to lift the sanctions because the ruling cast will persecute and kill them all.

But as Biden has already thrown his towel in with the Iranian leaders and given the support not to allow the International Atomic Energy Agency to do any kind of inspections. Iran made it clear that with Biden’s help, no more inspections will ever take place in Iran.

One report stated that “Iran’s hard-line parliament in December approved a bill that would suspend part of UN inspections of its nuclear facilities if European signatories did not provide relief from oil and banking sanctions by February. The IAEA struck a three-month deal with Iran to have it hold the surveillance images, with Tehran threatening to delete them afterward if no deal had been reached.”

Iran has crippled the IAEA’s ability to do its job. And Biden seems to be rewarding the Iranians along the way by lifting those sanctions that have kept the killers from getting what they want.

Reports show that “Iran has already shot far past the maximum allowable uranium enrichment levels defined in the Obama-era deal. They’re now up in the range of 63 percent enrichment using their new IR-4 centrifuges and have announced that they will soon be installing their IR-9 centrifuges which are allegedly far faster and more efficient. This puts them only a few steps away from being able to make a bomb.”

And as soon as they have a bomb, they will want to test it out on one of their enemies. The world knows that their targets will be in the west. But Biden and his Democratic puppets are clueless to see the threat that Iran possess to the rest of the world. All they care about is what they get out of it in the end.