FAKE NEWS: CNN Inventing Bogus Polls to Help Biden

Joe Biden is the best that the Democratic Party has to offer the American people. And so far he is anything but an honest and upright man. He is accused of sexual assault; he is known for being too friendly with little girls and his corruption streak is longer than his influence can reach.

He is the future of the Democratic Party. Many wonders as to the health of his mind since he forgets where he is at a lot of time and he cannot seem to recall solid facts about events that are going on around him.

With all of the problems that he has the liberal media still paints him to be the next superman that is set to take down an honest and courageous man like President Donald Trump.

At every turn, President Trump beats Joe Biden by many points. There is nothing that Biden has done for the country that even begins to compare with what the president has delivered to the people.

Biden has never made a promise that he was able to keep because his ways are corrupt with greed and selfish ambitions. But President Trump promised to make America great again and after four years he has certainly done what he said he would do.

Even with a destructive and deadly pandemic reigning down on the world, America stepped up and showed its greatness to the world.

CNN created a poll that is simply unrealistic given the facts at hand. They showed a poll that crazy Joe Biden has s 14-point lead over President Trump in the race to be president.

Some sad reporter sat at their computer and mocked up a poll that gave their satanic hero a massive lead over the president. The poll is so ridiculous that no one in their right mind can even begin to believe that it is true. Media polls are biased to the point that the data cannot ever be considered reliable.

CNN claims that they polled 1,250 as to who they would vote for in the coming election. They maintain that 55 percent of the votes cast would prefer Biden over President Trump. That is easy to see considering the audience that CNN has.

Most of their viewers are liberals and are most notably crazy people. CNN simply put together the poll and sent it out to their liberal fan base. From the start, the poll was biased and was not accurate because CNN chose to send it to a group of people that would vote in Biden’s favor.

Every one of CNN’s polls has Biden as the winner in November. They state the results reflect the way that the public views the handling of the virus and the riots by the president. This is all coming at a time when the liberals want to do away with the police and enact a state of anarchy around the country.

The vast majority of people in the country are simply laughing at the arrogance of CNN and their faulty poll. CNN would have everyone believe that 55 percent of the people in the country want a crazy sexual predator as their president. This is more absurd than the mock impeachment trials that failed over a year ago.

President Trump haters have taken to the streets daring the president to put a stop to their violent actions. They have even criticized the president having his picture taken and used in front of St. John’s Church. At the time of it being taken, the large group of violent protestors was removed by force to restore peace and order to the region.

The media is doing everything they can to smear the honest president before heading into the November elections. The riots and pandemic push are becoming political tools used by the Democrats to destroy the president before the American people take to the polls and humiliate Joe Biden with a massive loss.

President Trump is honest and only seeks to make the lives of people and the country better than they were the day before.