Fanatical Fauci Makes up Mores Lies About COVID Virus

The Democratic narrative of a spiraling COVID-19 fourth wave is all but falling into ruin. The science does not back up their claims, and living proof of open states debunk the idea that people still need to mask up and isolate no longer pans out as truthful. And the man behind the lies is none other than Dr. truthless Anthony Fauci.

Donald Trump once tapped Fauci as a reliable expert on the coronavirus. But as soon as the administration changes, Fauci changed the narrative of the virus. He started regurgitating the lies coming out of Biden’s mouth. Fauci went from being truthful to being a published liar.

Fauci changed his story not because of the science but because of the money he was to receive to align himself with a Democrat. He has been awarded a lucrative book deal, and he also gets paid a ton of money to get in front of cameras to contradict things that he said a month ago.

The sad little man doctor loves the spotlight than he does telling the truth. The time he gets on television gives him the chance to keep pushing the lies of Biden’s administration. His presence represents the barrage of Nazi propaganda that Hitler fed to his soldiers while indoctrinating them with his demonic beliefs.

The COVID-19 numbers are at all-time lows. Science continues to support the conclusions of other officials making calls for open states. But along comes Fauci, claiming that Americans need to continue to mask their faces with cloth diapers to avoid reinfection.

Liberal media are spreading the Fauci virus in the homes of blinded people by the indoctrination from Fauci’s mouth. His words are not matching up to the facts.

Reinfection of the COVID-19 is subsequent to zero occurrence rates. A person stands a better chance of getting killed by a lightning strike than facing another COVID infection. And once a vaccination has taken place, it is next to impossible to get the virus. But the liberal-loving doctor likes to tell people that the vaccine is worthless and does not work, but the numbers tell another story.

The doctor wants people to believe that they will never touch another human being ever again. He makes it sound like people are a viral test tube waiting to explode the next pandemic level event. But he likes to push multiple mask-wearing opportunities as if wearing three masks works better than one.

The numbing doctor likes to tell people that they are wearing their masks wrong. He has even led people to believe that only store-issued masks work and that homemade masks are worthless. The fact is the doctor knows nothing of what works because he is all about making money. The longer he can push the virus and fear, the longer he can sit by Biden and get paid the dirty money he is accustomed to having.

Fauci has not once acknowledged the success of the past few months. He refuses to point out that hospitals are doing a lot better. And the longer he lies to people about the certainty of the virus, the fewer people are going to trust the man moving forward.

The worst lie he tells is over the vaccine. He tells people to get the shot and then comes out and alludes to the narrative that the vaccine is not going to work. Logic dictates that if a shot is not going to work, there is no reason to expose the mixture to the bloodstream.

The double-mask-wearing doctor has even tried to pass off places still struggling to get control of the virus as places that open states should copy. People living in the open states listen to his words and just laugh because they have been breathing fresh air for almost a year.

The sad little mouse-looking doctor is a discredit to his profession. He has single-handedly changed the truth behind what masks are good for. He likes to tell people to wear a mask to protect others, but that does not always work as a mask keeps a person from catching what is floating through the air. But according to him, in one is not enough, put on a dozen masks.