Fauci Admits He’s Been Lying to American People to Help Biden

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been spreading misinformation ever since the COVID-19 pandemic became a part of our daily lives. He seems to change his mind on what we should or shouldn’t do on a daily basis. The goalposts have been moved many times over and we have all noticed it. Even those who are looking to stay safe still don’t know quite what is going on.

During a recent CNN appearance on State of the Union, Dr. Fauci started to tell even more lies. At least this time, he is being somewhat transparent, though. His latest batch of lies were focused on the timetable for herd immunity and he admitted that he had fudged the conversation a bit.

Before, Dr. Fauci claimed that the virus would not be stopped until we reached 60 to 70 percent herd immunity. It did not take long before the goalposts moved and now we are being told that the percentage is much higher. Instead of achieving herd immunity at 60 to 70 percent, he says that we must now reach the 90 percent mark.

“Dr Fauci’s estimate for reaching herd immunity has been steadily inching up, @nytimes’ Donald McNeil Jr reports. Fauci told us at last week’s @CNBC #HealthyReturns that it may be 75-85%,” Meg Tirrell reports. CNN’s Dana Bash did not want to let him off the hook. That’s why she immediately came after him about the increase in these projections.

At least someone out there is willing to poke and prod at the inconsistencies. We often feel like we are living in a country where no one seems the least bit willing to think critically anymore. If Dr. Fauci says it, then it must be true. From there, they accept his word as the gospel truth and argue with anyone who doesn’t.

She wanted to know why he was ready to wait so long, especially when the health of the American public is at risk. “No actually, Dana, I don’t think it can be interpreted as being straight or not,” Fauci replied. “The calculations that I made 70, 75 percent, it’s a range. The range is going to be somewhere between 70 and 85 percent,” he continued. “The reason I started saying 70, 75 percent, I brought it up to 85. That’s not a big leap.”

“When you get below 90 percent of the population vaccinated threshold with measles, you start seeing a breakthrough against the herd immunity,” he concluded. All of that makes perfect sense but what happens when the inconsistencies are pointed out? Maybe if he had stayed with this message from the beginning, things would have been able to go a bit differently.

Dr. Fauci was not done there, either. “So I made a calculation that COVID-19 is not nearly as transmissible as measles… I would imagine that you would need something that you need something less than the 90 percent — that’s where I got to the 85,” he went on to say. The deflections here are ridiculous and we are just glad that Bash saw fit to do something about it. Dr. Fauci needs to be called out for how he has chosen to shape this important narrative.

Americans are not children who need to have the truth doled out to them in a careful manner. They are looking for someone who can remain transparent, giving them the information that they can use in a timely manner. Dr. Fauci was not ready to treat the American people with the respect that they deserve and that is why no one is able to trust him anymore.

This seems like a pretty fair outcome for us. If you are not going, to tell the truth, people won’t want to hear what you have to say. This is a lesson that has been lost on the Democrats all year. They still haven’t been able to wrap their minds around the very simple concept that people are only going to trust you if you are truthful. Dr. Fauci would do well to remember that going forward.