Fauci Continues to Push Doomsday Narrative But No One Is Listening

Zakariae Kaddouri / shutterstock.com

America hates the following name: Dr. Anthony Fauci. His smug little face disrupts homes all over the country when it appears on national television. The American population has stopped listening to the old man because he is no longer making sense. He has lost the ability to speak intelligently and has stopped speaking the truth related to the COVID-19 virus.

The virus has all but disappeared from the world’s stage. But the liberal media and Dr. Anthony Fauci seem to want to keep the matter of the virus alive so the Democrats can use it again once the midterm elections have passed. The insane liberals need their beloved cover story because, without it, they do not stand a chance of making people believe that their quest for power is in every person’s best interests.

The matter of the mask mandates and the vaccine push seemed to have died down in recent months. People are finally free to get on with their lives and start interacting with others again. But, then, along comes the doctor telling people that they need to continue to social distance and take whatever precautions are necessary to keep themselves from catching COVID-19.

Fauci’s announcement is a walk into the past. It is a reminder that America suffered through the insanity of the Democratic Party, and its push to control by issuing pointless mandates does not support any science or evidence that they are helping keep people from getting sick. The liberals used the pandemic to keep people distracted so they could grab power and sneak socialistic ideas into the American political landscape.

The announcement comes after a few cases are detected in liberal-run regions. Fauci calls a few people getting sick a spike in the COVID-19 count. But his little brain is programmed to spout lockdowns every time the virus shows up. He has lost the ability to think that people will get sick no matter what the sick Anthony Fauci may do or say related to the virus.

The one sure thing is that Fauci and old man Joe Biden are powerless to control the virus. The Democrats are a group of people who think they can control things that are generally beyond human ability to control.

Proof of their lack of ability to eradicate a virus is seen in how many liberals working with Biden have fallen ill with COVID-19. But leave Fauci to claim that a mask mandate would have kept everyone healthy. The masks are powerless to stop the spread of a virus.

Fauci was interviewed by Jonathan Karl, the host of “This Week.” And Karl called attention to the outbreak of COVID that happened when 600 people got together for dinner. Karl asked Fauci, “What is the lesson here? Should we not be holding events like this or, to the point we just talked about, is it time to accept that we can have an event like this but there’s gonna be a risk? Some people will test positive, if everybody’s vaccinated, you know, it won’t necessarily be that serious.”

Fauci was quick to respond that people need to decide how to respond for themselves. And right there, the room goes quiet. For over two years, Fauci has been spouting that people need to give up their freedom to choose what is suitable for their health. He promoted that people needed to listen to him on how to beat the virus. But now that the midterm elections are coming, the Democrats are reversing course and claiming that people should have the right to choose.

The doctor explained that it is every person’s right to choose what is best for their health. His statement is another way the man talks out both sides of his mouth. He has the insane desire to please people and serve his liberal masters.

Fauci went too far by claiming that the president is protected from the virus since there are protocols to isolate him from exposure. He failed to mention that the president has all his shots. But he did not want to call attention to the fact that even vaccinated people are getting sick. He would have to admit that the Democrats cannot control everything as they believe.