News About COVID in Red States and Is Found Holding Back Treatments That Can Save Lives

There is no doubt that Joe Biden is manipulative and anti-American. He pours out his wrath on tax-paying citizens and lets all others get away with proverbial murder of the highest degree. The illegals get to roam over the border infected with COVID, and terrorists are left to claim victory in the war on terror that generations have fought to end. And not he is keeping lifesaving medicines from being used to save American lives.

The man and his demonic party have politicized a pandemic, forced people to wear facial diapers, trying to force millions to vaccinate against their will, and now he wants to blame red states for COVID outbreaks while secretly keeping medicines from those that need them the most. Joe Biden is not a friend to the American people, and he is nothing more than a puppet being used to set up a failed socialist state.

Biden has since moved into the battlefield to pinning red states such as Florida and Texas as the sole source of COVID-19 outbreaks. In some remarks from his throne in the White House, he tried to begin his attacks by stating that he wanted to bring down costs and give a financial break to the middle class.

But as he started, it quickly turned into a rant and rave against Republicans. Biden cried and whined how Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott were attacking everything he wanted to do. And it was at that moment that his fake tears began to flow.

He said that “The governors of Florida and Texas are doing everything they can to undermine the lifesaving requirements that I have proposed.” Upon further analysis of his speech, he used the same rhetoric when he screwed up in Afghanistan and left thousands of Americans behind. Everything he messes up is the fault of DeSantis and Abbott, and he never takes responsibility for his actions.

Biden is attacking these two governors because they are doing their elected jobs and protecting people from the tyranny of the Democratic Party. There is nothing that Biden can wrap around his attempts to grab power that makes anything he does fine for the country. The Supreme Court has struck down the significant things he has botched up because they are all illegal.

DeSantis and Abbott have taken steps to protect people from the illegal mask mandates, COVID-19 passport idea, and eviction moratoriums with which Biden wants to kill the country. And the fact that both the governors are having great success has Biden fearful and stressed to the point of attacking these men.

Biden may act like he wants to include everyone in his fake attempts to unify the country, but when he lies about things, it is clear there is another agenda. Biden claims it is these two states creating problems while are the same time withholding lifesaving medicine from people that need it desperately.

The old president is putting lives on the line so he can play politics. He has his eyes on the 2022 election, and there is a lot of smearing that he needs to do before the midterms arrive. But his track record of playing with the Taliban and arming Iran has him backed into a corner. And keeping these drugs away from people has put the rope around his neck.

The state of Florida officially has revealed that Joe Biden purposely restricted monoclonal antibody treatments to people dying from COVID. And he made it an order without telling anyone, and it is a political stunt that will cost him significantly.

He did the same thing in Texas when he undermined the use of the treatment. And he did it all in the name of politics. He made his deadly decision when the CDC is not allowing ivermectin to be used for COVID-19 infections. Biden wants to kill off his opposition so his liberal party can reign supreme as dictators of America.

Joe Biden is the worst thing to happen to America. He screws everything up he touches, and it will take a great Republican president to fix a nation that stands as a beacon of hope to those terrorized by the evil around the world.