Fear-Mongering Fauci Forced from Air Waves? Yes, Please

Every time Dr. Fauci appears on TV, he scares viewers. He tells us that we have to vaccinate if we ever want to attend festivals or parties or travel ever again. He tells us that we’ll likely be wearing masks into 2022 and beyond.

It’s fear-mongering at its best.

Senator Rand Paul, a Republican out of Kentucky, has said that it’s time that the chief medical adviser for the White House should be removed from television appearances for his fear-mongering.

Paul has accused the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of spewing lies that “isn’t even matched by the science of his own institute.”

The only thing that Dr. Fauci has managed to do is confuse the issue of COVID from the very beginning. He told us not to wear masks. Then, he told us to wear masks. After that, he told us to wear two or three masks.

Dr. Fauci has encouraged everyone to get vaccinated to resume normalcy. Then, he tells us that “normalcy” is going to look different once this is over, if it’s ever over.

No one knows what to do anymore. People are terrified to leave their homes. They’re terrified to get vaccinated.

If Dr. Fauci going on TV is to provide hope and encouragement, he’s not doing a very good job. Many people aren’t interested in getting vaccinated after listening to him because it’s simply a matter of “What’s the point?”

If society is never going to get back to normal, then what’s the point of getting poked with a vaccine needle? Considering that Dr. Fauci can’t even identify how often we’ll need to get vaccinated, he only raises more questions. It leaves plenty of people not wanting to listen to him at all.

When speaking on “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” on the Fox Business Network, Senator Paul suggested that he be “voluntarily removed” from the airwaves because “what he says is such a disservice and such fear-mongering.”

Further, every time Dr. Fauci speaks, it doesn’t match the science of his institute, the CDC, or any other doctors. It’s time that we stop listening to Dr. Fauci because the only thing that he has managed to do is scare people.

It’s time that we get someone on TV that is providing both sides of the story. Let’s hear about the people who have made full recoveries. Let’s hear about the people who have been active for the past year and who have not gotten COVID at all.

The fear-mongering has to stop.

Dr. Fauci hears of a single story and wants to tell the cautionary tale so that everyone fears the worst-case scenario. There’s only a small number of people who are getting reinfected and hospitalized. There’s no such story where thousands are suffering from this – and that’s because they don’t exist.

The good news is out there. Herd immunity or at least partial immunity exists. It’s found in society all across the United States. And we’re not hearing about any of it.

Why? Because that doesn’t cause us to live in constant fear.

It has to beg the question of why Dr. Fauci feels that it’s his duty to scare Americans. Why not provide the facts? Why not use the same science as his institute? It’s as if he’s being told to scare us.

The Democrats have continuously used the media as a way to scare us and keep us needing their political actions. Why not view Dr. Fauci as an extension of the media?

It’s why Senator Paul has a point. If we’re to keep people on the right path toward freedom and toward their best possible health, we have to get Fauci off the TV, off the radio, and out of the limelight.

For as long as Dr. Fauci continues to speak to Americans, he’ll cause confusion and fear – and that’s not the way for any of us to reach normalcy ever again.