Feds Oppose Release of Jan 6th Footage; Now That It’s Leaked We Know Why

By Gallagher Photography shutterstock.com
By Gallagher Photography shutterstock.com

The overtaking of the Capitol Building on January 6th, 2021 has been a major story for news outlets since it happened. The anger and outrage expressed by the Left over these patriots’ assembly on this special ground have been deafening at times, with many calling for their immediate arrest and incarceration without bail. Yet no video had been shown that detailed how they got in.

Well, earlier that month that changed. While facing heavy objections from federal prosecutors, the judge overseeing some of the prosecutions released the tapes. Given the level of objections and claims of national security being at risk, it would seem that these videos would expose state secrets, and they did. What secrets did these videos expose? The fact that masked guards opened the doors for them and let them in.

Yes. You read that right. They literally opened the doors to people who were surprised to be let in so easily, many of whom started taking pictures and at one point even chatting with these guards for a minute. Two cameras and 40 minutes paint a much more welcoming entrance than Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, AOC, or really anyone on the left would want you to believe.

The funny thing about this is that despite all the security they have yet to identify who opened the door and warmly welcomed them in. The FBI can figure out who took and drank a beer from Pelosi’s fridge, but figure out which of their own guards let this happen? Nope. From any perspective, this makes zero sense.

Making some sense of this is Julie Kelly; someone who has seen and summarized the tapes to fight against the narrative of that day. “At the start of the video, one officer held open the interior door that accesses the Capitol Rotunda, a space between the House and Senate wings. Five or six unidentified men exited the door and spoke to the officer before leaving. Those men held open the exterior double-doors, where protesters began filing into the building”.

Is it possible that they were ‘surrendering’ the castle to avoid the ‘violence’ so many claimed was going on? Or perhaps they thought letting them in would make them leave? More to the point, is it possible that those protesting took the opening of these doors as an invitation to come in? I mean…if you want people to stay out, you wouldn’t open the door for them, right?

Some of the protesters did indeed behave inappropriately and with violence. This was almost exclusively outside and between them and the few police who bothered to show up and decided to flex their muscle. Not inside the Capital Building as the left’s spin on this story would have you believe. Even the FBI has admitted that they could not uncover any ‘insurrection’ plot; despite reports to the contrary being pumped into the mainstream media to the contrary.

With any luck, these tapes will clear the good names of these patriots, and help provide clarity surrounding the death of Ashli Babbitt at the hands of Office Michael Byrd just outside the Speaker’s lobby. God knows that so far the stories from that day have become legendary and will serve as a reminder that even good men (and women) will be vilified in the circus the Democrats want to turn America into. Is that an America we want to live in?