Fentanyl is Killing More People Than Guns…Where’s the Outrage?

Joaquin Corbalan P / shutterstock.com

The moment a gun goes off and kills someone, there’s a Democrat tweeting like mad that guns are bad and that we need more gun control in America. At this point, it doesn’t even matter what kind of gun or why it went off. They’ll use literally any gun shooting to be outraged about the fact that there isn’t enough gun control in the U.S.

Now, if gun control was about saving lives, there should be just as much outrage (or even more) about issues that affect even more Americans.

Fentanyl is killing more people than guns. The synthetic opioid has been estimated to be about 100 times stronger than morphine. And, it’s being smuggled across the southern border so that it can be distributed across America.

The more illegal immigration that occurs, the more Fentanyl spills into our states. It’s become a problem – and millions of people are being affected.

Shouldn’t the Democrats be outraged? Well, they should be – that is, if they actually cared about protecting Americans. However, it’s easier to turn a blind eye to the Fentanyl being smuggled in so that they don’t have to admit that the border crisis is the cause of it all. They need the border open to help with their progressive agendas. If it means that it kills thousands of people every year in the process, they’re willing to live with that.

The opioid crisis in America has been relatively hushed in the news. This is because liberal media outlets don’t dare cover it. They would have to report on the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party for allowing it – and, let’s face it, that’s not going to happen.

In D.C., the very town where politicians spend the most time, drugs have killed more of the population than guns. The trend began in 2014, and the overdoses have only been growing. The average age of those overdosing and dying is growing, too.

Much of the overdosing has to do with the desire to seek out pain meds. They don’t have the money to see a doctor, so they’ll buy some on the street. Only, the traditional pain meds are now laced with Fentanyl – and it’s leading to more deaths. And the spike in deaths has been even more considerable during the COVID pandemic.

Lori Post, the Buehler professor of geriatric medicine at Northwestern explained, “We’re taking grandmas and grandpas doing drugs, and to the point of overdosing. We don’t think of them seriously. Not as potential victims of domestic abuse, physical or sexual assault or drug addiction. That needs to change.”

Now that the elderly have been marked as yet another demographic of victims of the opioid crisis, hopefully, more can be done. As Post said, it’s not just the people who have been victims of abuse or assault. Not everyone who is dying of a Fentanyl overdose is a drug addict.

As the Washington Post reported, “Most of the opioid overdose deaths in D.C. last year – 94 percent – involved fentanyl. And most of the users never meant to get near it.”

In D.C., there were over 400 overdose deaths in 2021 – and that’s just one city. If you dig through the news in any city, there are deaths. They’re just not making the front page news because it would be bad for the Democrats who are willing to exchange the deaths of a few hundred Americans for being able to allow thousands of illegal immigrants into the southern border.

Perhaps the next time that a Democrat wants to use a shooting to raise their political agenda, we should just respond with some of the recent opioid statistics. Maybe, then, they’ll get the idea that more Americans are worried about a fentanyl overdose than a gun.