Fentanyl Overdoses are Happening at an Alarming Rate

By oasisamuel/shutterstock.com
By oasisamuel/shutterstock.com

There’s fentanyl all over the U.S. And, much of it is coming in from the southern border. While Kamala Harris and the rest of the Biden administration wants to allow illegal immigrants to simply take up residence in the country, we should be concerned with what they’re bringing in with them.

The drug overdoses have grown to concerning numbers, and nothing is really being done about it.

Perhaps the more concerning aspect is that the fentanyl overdoses are often happening to people who don’t have a history of drug use. This is because fentanyl is being laced into various other drugs…and people aren’t even being warned of the issues.

Moms and community groups alike are saying that there haven’t been sufficient public health announcements or law enforcement warnings. As such, they’re stepping up to fill the gap that the Biden administration has left wide open and festering.

Kate Lacroix has been one of the loudest women screaming, at least in Boulder, Colorado. She was screaming on social media to ensure that everyone knew that teens were dying of fentanyl overdoses. “URGENT COMMUNITY WARNING,” she typed on Facebook, “Another teen fentanyl death in Boulder County tonight.”

Teens are taking what they think are real pharmaceuticals that they buy from friends, either to deal with their mood, depression, or something else. The problem is that these pills are counterfeits, and they’re laced with lethal doses of the opioid.

LaCroix is only a branding consultant, so she wasn’t getting as much traction as she knew the problem needed. She was hearing about it from her high school daughter and her friends. The reality is that the information should have been coming from county officials.

Teens are dying at alarming rates and still there are no announcements. As reported by the Colorado Sun, “Months later, and at least 12 more lethal overdoses later, there has been no news conference or communitywide announcement to tell residents about the string of deaths that included two University of Colorado students and several other young people.”

The official coroner’s report to show just how dangerous fentanyl has been in Boulder County in 2021 won’t be released until at least 2022.

Meanwhile, there are small investigations being done to see just how destructive fentanyl has become. The little blue pills go by a variety of street names including “blues” and “mexis.” And, there are also white, rectangular shaped pills that go by the name of “xanny bars.”

Lacroix has been on a posting crusade and other Boulder moms and community organizers have jumped in to spread the word. They’re also trying to spread fentanyl test strips around so that teens have the ability to test to see whether pills contain the potentially fatal substance or not. Many are also keeping Narcan, a nasal spray that is capable of reversing an opioid overdose, on hand. It’s the only things they can do to help keep control over the situation that is quickly spinning out of control. Since the county doesn’t seem to want to address the problem head on, it’s up to concerned members of the community.

And, what’s happening in Boulder County is happening all over the country. Oh, but don’t worry. While teens are dying from drug overdoses, Kamala Harris is sitting in her DC office working on the root causes of immigration. Maybe once she gets to the bottom of that, the fentanyl will stop finding its way into the country and teens can stop dying.