Fidel Castro’s Democratic Agent in Congress

What if I told you that Fidel Castro had an agent running the U.S. House of Representatives?

Many Republicans run for Congress and call their opponents a “socialist,” a “communist” or a “radical leftist,” but in the case of Democrat Jim McGovern it’s not hyperbole—it’s a fact.  During his 34 years in Congress, Jim McGovern has stood shoulder to shoulder with his idol, Fidel Castro, and even bragged about it.

McGovern doesn’t just embrace Cuba’s communist dictatorial family, he’s also collaborated with narco-terrorists like Columbia’s FARC and is happy to do their bidding in Congress, not the work of the American people.

Even in his darkest hours, Fidel Castro could count on Jim McGovern to fly down to Cuba to grin next to him for a photo op and sign a statement condemning American interests.

Like any good Manchurian Candidate, McGovern prepared the groundwork for his entry into Congress: according to a 2001 article in Insight magazine, “McGovern was one of the most hard-core Capitol Hill staffers helping the Sandinistas in Nicaragua and the Marxist-Leninist FMLN guerrillas in El Salvador.”

In 2002, when then-President George W. Bush gave a speech saying that the Cuban people are entitled to liberty and democracy, and condemning Fidel Castro for jailing, torturing, and exiling his political opponents, McGovern fired back and criticized the American president, not the corrupt thug socialist leader in Cuba.

At every chance, McGovern has called for a lift in sanctions against Cuba.

This dangerous socialist has succeeded in achieving the Castro regime’s aims: McGovern championed the to close the U.S. navy’s training ground on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico, a goal long sought by Castro.

Can you believe that Fidel Castro’s best friend in the U.S. is now in charge of the House Rules Committee? Under McGovern as chairman, there are no rules. McGovern lets Pelosi and the progressives break them all in order to pass their socialist agenda so that our nation will look more like Cuba.

Thanks to his rule-breaking, the radical leftists in Congress have passed bills to Defund the police (H.R.1280), attack our kids with transgender propaganda (H.R. 5), abolish our 2nd Amendment Rights (H.R.8), rig elections (H.R. 1), and give U.S. citizenship to over 5 million illegal aliens (H.R. 6).

This dangerous radical needs to be removed from office and flee to Cuba where he belongs.

McGovern is just warming up with his socialist designs as the Democrats are now planning their next phase of radical legislation, during which they want to RAISE YOUR TAXES to pay for the Green New Deal, control your life with Bernie Sanders’s Medicare-for-All proposal, and pass a $3 Trillion infrastructure bill to fund their union friends.

As Americans, we are facing a choice: American values and the Constitution or socialism and ruin. Are you going to sit around and watch socialists like Jim McGovern and the rest of the Democrats destroy our country with their failed socialist ideas? We already have ideas that have made our country great: the U.S. Constitution.

Jim McGovern’s idea of success is Cuba. I’ll take America, thanks.

The consequences for Americans could not be more devastating as the left chips away at our once strong economy, overregulates small business owners, fails to ensure our children receive a proper education, not one mired in “critical race theory” and then tramples on our Constitutional Rights to religious freedoms and ability to protect our families under the Second Amendment.

Castro would be thrilled to see his buddy McGovern destroying America with socialism and enslaving us into a world run by the cancel culture mobs.

McGovern is helping Nancy Pelosi break all the rules to circumvent the Republican Minority and our Constitution. If we want to take back our country and gain control of Congress, we need to remove dangerous radicals like Jim McGovern. and his socialist friends.

Fidel Castro’s Jim McGovern and his socialist army have taken over the Democratic Party, now they want to take over Congress, and America with it. We can’t afford to let that happen.