Finally, Pelosi’s Going to Pay for Her One-Sided Ways

Nancy Pelosi has been making one-sided decisions for a long time. She’s not one to compromise. She’s not even one to follow her own rules.

New security protocols that the Speaker of the House put into place are allegedly not being applied equally to Democrats and Republicans.

So, rather than sitting by while Pelosi gets away with yet another thing, a lawsuit has been filed.

Republican Representatives Andrew Clyde (GA) and Louie Gohmert (TX) have decided to launch the complaint. They believe that Pelosi has “instituted an unconstitutional policy of enforcing the Screening Rule.” As they see it, only the Republican minority in the House are being subjected to this screening. What that means is that only Republicans will be fined and only Republicans will see their salaries reduced.

It’s not fair, and as the reps point out, it also creates a false narrative so that the Democratic majority can use it for political benefit.

Clyde and Gohmert believe that Pelosi put the measures in place so that she could specifically target the GOP legislators.

The fines have been ridiculous and expensive. As the complaint goes on to read, Clyde was fined $5,000 simply because he entered the House chamber without going through security screening. Gohmert also faced a fine after going through screening but left to use the restroom. Upon entering again, he failed to repeat the process.

While security screening is reasonable, it’s excessive when they’ve already gone through screening for the day. It’s also unfair when the Democrats aren’t being held to the same standard of being forced into security screenings and fined if they fail to comply.

Pelosi has allegedly violated her own protocol on several occasions. She actively avoids the metal detectors when she is visiting the House chambers. Yet, she’s never met with any kind of disciplinary action.

Here’s where it all starts to make sense. As the lawsuit claims, the screening process has delayed many Republicans from getting into the House chamber. Pelosi isn’t one to wait for anyone, so it has caused GOP members of the House to miss votes.

It leads many of the GOP to wonder what they should do. They can either skip the screening and face the fine in order to get in on the voting process…or they can complete the screening and miss out on casting their votes.

The House Chief Administrative Officer Catherine Szpindor, as well as House Sergeant at Arms William Walker, have both been identified as defendants within the case. They are, after all, responsible for enforcing Pelosi’s newest rules. Yet, they’re only enforcing the rules against the Republicans.

Pelosi has been playing the political lines for decades. Yet, she’s grown so old and so powerful that she feels as though she can enact any policy that she wants without it applying to her or her party.

It’s time that she’s stopped – and this lawsuit works to do just that. She cannot enforce a Screening Rule in a one-sided way.

The Screening Rule is just another way for Pelosi to play to the mental anguish that she supposedly faced during the January 6 riots. Many Republicans vowed that they were going to begin carrying handguns into the House chambers for protection.

Ahhh…not so fast. When everyone has to go through a metal detector, handguns are not permitted. It’s Pelosi’s way of trying to make sure that she gets her way.

The vote to even pass the Screening Rule barely passed with a majority. With a 216-210 vote, it was hardly a landslide win for the Democrats. In fact, it’s clear that many Democrats didn’t even want to have to deal with the screening.

As Republican Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma has said about the rule, passed in February, “Requiring members to pass through a metal detector each time they enter the House chamber, even if they haven’t left the area, is a sure recipe for chaos.”

And it is chaos considering that it’s only a requirement for the Republicans. Meanwhile, the fees can add up and are conveniently subtracted from annual salaries. It’s $5,000 for the first offense and $10,000 for subsequent offenses. Based on the number of times that Pelosi has allegedly dodged the metal detectors, she may be paying America by the end of the year.