‘Fire the Damn Governor’ Emerges in Michigan

If California’s governor can be up for a recall because of how he handled the pandemic, Michigan’s governor needs to be treated in the same way.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has not made many friends. How could she with the way that she has kept Michigan locked down and masked up for over a year now?

And, residents are starting to grow more and more frustrated.

This is when the Republican Governors Association (RGA) has decided to step in. They’ve taken her campaign slogan of “Fix the Damn Roads” and turned it around on her. “Fire the Damn Governor” is the new slogan making its way across the state.

RGA has gone on the offense. The Get Michigan Working Again PAC has decided to have some fun with the slogan. There will be a four-figure digital buy on social media. Plus, coasters are being distributed to bars across the state.

Everyone’s being told to visit the website, FireTheDamnGovernor.com. The website is a petition to get Gretchen Whitmer fired.

There are three simple reasons provided on the website for why she should be fired: failed leadership, broken promises, and secrecy. Well, that should cover it.

The coasters being distributed to bars have had some fun with the messaging. It shares a photo of Gretchen with the phrase “Raise a Glass, Have Some Beers & Hope She Won’t Be Gov Another 4 Years!” To make it easier to get people over to the petition website, there’s also a QR code for bar patrons to scan.

RGA has said that business owners have the ability to request the coasters through the website. The flipside of the coasters read “Gov. Whitmer almost killed THIS business” along with a statistic that 38% of small businesses have closed over the past year.

Many restaurant owners have decided to take part in passing out the coasters. Many are quick to acknowledge that it was Whitmer’s poor handling of the pandemic that led to so many businesses closing – and that nearly 400,000 jobs have been lost.

The petition is to request the removal of Gretchen Whitmer and elect “a new governor who has Michigan’s best interests at heart” as Bobby Nahra of Encore Catering & Banquet Center says.

Small businesses are the backbone of the state’s economy. Yet, Whitmer never bothered to think of the consequences when she closed everything down. Some restaurant owners were even thrown in jail when they refused to close down.

The liberal governor was accused on multiple occasions for abusing her power.

Even now, after people have been vaccinated and people are wearing masks in order to stop the spread, Governor Whitmer is maintaining that restaurants and bars stay at a 50 percent capacity – and that is extended at least until May 24. Further, establishments must close by 11 p.m.

This is happening while other states like Texas and Florida have chosen to open back up to 100%.

As more business owners learn about the ‘Fire the Damn Governor’ slogan, they’re jumping on board. Even business owners outside of the restaurant industry are participating.

Why? They know that Whitmer was responsible for stifling the economy. She bought the silence of health officials, she participated in a nursing home scandal similar to that of New York, and she’s feeding into the fear-mongering that so many within the Biden administration are doing.

It’s disgusting. People are ready to move on with their lives. They’re watching other states opening up and thriving once again. Yet, Whitmer isn’t even bothering to pay attention to science. She’s letting her own fears and massive power-hungry ego keep the state locked up only so that small business owners have to pay the price.

It’s time that everyone across the state gets a little louder: Fire the damn governor. Maybe, then, the state can start to bounce back to its pre-pandemic prosperity. As for any other liberal governor who wants to ignore the will of the people, let what’s happening in California and Michigan be a warning of what can happen.