Fleeing Socialism Is Major Goal for Many Americans

Orlowski Designs LLC / shutterstock.com
Orlowski Designs LLC / shutterstock.com

The latest report to come out shows that hundreds of thousands of people are leaving New York and California for better pastures. The desirability to live in these states has dropped significantly. And what has been discovered is that people are looking for ways to leave liberally controlled states because they are tired of paying high taxes and being controlled like children. And there is not a thing the liberals can do to stop the bleed-out.

The Daily Wire noted that CNBC reported that people are leaving because of the higher taxes and the ridiculous pandemic-related regulations that the liberals keep inventing. The people fleeing the socialist zones are sick and tired of living an enslaved life in a land that should let them live free.

Robert Frank is the CNBC wealth editor, and he noted that “More than 600,000 people leaving New York and California for lower-taxed states during the pandemic. That’s according to Census data. California lost 300,000 residents between April of 2020 and July of 2021. New York lost a net 365,000 people, about two percent of its total population.”

The amazing thing about the great exodus is that these people are headed to lands where freedom still means something. Joe Biden and his band of sinners have made it clear that they will not stop taking freedoms away until they have absolute control over every person. He sounds like a royal of the 1800s trying to tell the colonists that they will obey no matter what.

The fed-up people left New York, California, and Illinois because they were sick and tired of liberal overreach. They ended up moving to Texas, Florida, and Arizona, where the Republicans have made it clear that freedom is a constitutional right and things will stay that way.

The Democrats have made it clear that they are all about raising taxes to have more control over the money. They are greedy for power and need finances to keep their bloated empire afloat.

The liberals believe that high taxes are the only way to make money for their empire. They fail to understand that by creating jobs and lowering taxes, they will have more tax money than if they raised taxes to 100 percent. There would be more taxpayers and more businesses to collect from. But these states have lost hundreds of thousands of taxpayers, which will hurt the Democrat’s bottom-line.

So many people are leaving Democratic states should be a clear sign that the Republicans have it right. People do not want to be controlled. They want to be free to make choices that are right for them. No one wants to work and have the federal government take it all away. But that is what happens in a socialist government.

Moving companies such as U-Haul had reported that they had run out of trucks and equipment in the blue states because of all the people wanting to get out of those states. The mass exodus has been taking place for two years since the liberals locked every person down to the point where they were about to lose their homes.

The Daily Wire rubbed in the fact that “California has 40 million residents, but that number has been dropping — and even lost a member of Congress last year over the plunge.” The liberals are losing their stronghold in the government because they cannot keep their voters happy and in the state.

Joe Biden and his regime are blind to the truth that so many people want to come to America because they are fleeing the very society he wants to set up. Socialism is not an American trait that people want to embrace. And now that several blue states are crossing over into socialist territory, people are fleeing those states for Republican-run states.

America stands for a place where the oppressed can come and live free. But Biden and the Democrats want to destroy that ideology and replace it with a regime-run dictatorship that mirrors every other failed socialist state in the world.