Florida Gets Ready for the COVID Vaxxers To Show Up and Protest With This New Directive

Fabrizio Annovi / shutterstock.com

At a time when Americans are starting to say goodbye to COVID restrictions, masks, and skipping over booster shots, the story about this pandemic is starting to ride off into the sunset. The great state of Florida is not ready to let that narrative escape that easily. They want to see some real change, and to see the right moves being taken to preserve the future for the state’s children.

Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo have stood against the idea that everyone needs to be vaccinated for some time now. Their stance of allowing people to have the freedom to choose about the vaccination, masks, and testing before going places has been rebuked by many large companies including LiveNation, Disney, and several counties over their rules that went in the face of FL laws.

Now, Ladapo is planning to announce his recommendation against the COVID vaccine for healthy children. While one death is too many from COVID for kids, we must look at the big picture. Less than 1,000 children died from contracting COVID over the entire pandemic. When you consider that 75 million children between 0-18 call the U.S. home, this is an incredibly low figure. What complicates this even more is how the vast majority of those who died were deaths because of preexisting conditions.

Vaccinations would not have saved them, and for many, the vaccines have posed significant risks. When you consider how bad the reactions were for some of the children who received this vaccine, it truly is more harmful than good. While Ladapo did not expand upon this recommendation, one of the doctors who helped the state come to this determination has shed some light on this.

Dr. Robert Malone has become well known for pointing out the contradictions in the COVID data that has been released. His criticism of the administration’s unrelenting quest to put out information before verifying it got DeSantis to take notice and invited him to look into their information before making a decision. Dr. Malone says that “the consensus of over 17,000 physicians and medical scientists are that the risk-benefit ratio for children does not justify vaccination.”

This number is astronomically high, but it’s easily found. Many doctors have not been in favor of giving this vaccine to children simply due to the propensity for them to become severely ill as well as the possibility for long-term health effects to happen. While many have alleged that they know what will happen because they have done similar vaccine testing in the past, we have seen what the change of one molecule can mean.

With so many people flocking to Florida to escape the demented ideals that their previous homes of New York, New Jersey, and California have held on to, a lot has changed in the Sunshine State. Their housing prices, the general cost of living, and population density have all skyrocketed as a result. The increased demand has been pushing many out of the state while the newcomers see it as cheap because their Democrat-controlled states were already overinflated.

With the influx of people and this new directive, DeSantis better be ready for a fight. It won’t be surprising to see concerned parents marching on Tallahassee as they believe that he should be advocating for the vaccine as it’s in the best interests of their child. They care nothing about the rights of the other parents or free choice. If they decide to protest, it’s going to be an interesting one. Especially since they’ll end up toe-to-toe with their fellow liberals who often tend to be screaming out that vaccines cause autism.