Florida School Boards Under Fire for Violating State Laws

School boards all around the country are left to doing their own thing as it relates to Critical Race Theory and deciding on mask mandates. The Democratic states rule and reign their terror over school boards that want to help the children get the most out of their education. But those under the control of liberals do not know what to expect from one week to the next.

One school board may decide to initiate mask mandates while the next will not require them. It all depends on if the board is liberal or conservative. It is hard to look at the virus and not see party lines. The Democrats took the pandemic and made it all about themselves grabbing power. And now that things are settling down, they are inventing new pandemic-related issues.

The school boards that want to open up and let kids be themselves are confused about how they should be done. And others still overreact and try to wrap the kids in bubble wrap.

The state of Florida is one of the few states that has taken control of its future. Ron DeSantis refuses to let the liberals gain any ground and instill fear in people because new virus variants are being discovered. Most people did not even think twice about mask-wearing when COVID was referred to as the common cold.

DeSantis has outlawed mandates and any government of any kind forcing mandates on people. He has issued an executive order forbidding schools from forcing masks on the mouths of young people. And that goes for every school board in the state.

The Florida board of education tried to institute mask-wearing, but DeSantis nixed that idea. The school board quickly reversed their decision and fell in line with state law and regulations that forced people to do what they did not want to do.

No one is telling people that they cannot wear a mask. Law forbids mask wearers from forcing them on people that choose not to wear one.

The Florida Board of Education has now found out that some school districts are breaking the laws and are forcing people to wear masks. They have had to call an emergency meeting to determine the best route to deal with any district that wants to go rogue and do its own thing.

Broward County and Alachua County are the problem children in the state. They ignored the laws the first time around, and DeSantis had to order the two liberal areas to conform.

The meeting will be the base so the commissioner of Education can bring his findings before the powers in control. He will have the job of determining if any schools have broken the law or crossed the line into the rogue territory.

Schools that fail to obey will find themselves under scrutiny and facing some financial sanction. One way that has been suggested is by withholding the salaries of elected and hired officials. It would include those who have the authority to make decisions that would take away the right to choose from the parents.

Ron DeSantis has the best team of officials working around the clock to bring him current information. And what he has found is that the science behind mask-wearing is weak and does not prove that any type of paper mask is good enough to filter out any virus. All it does is make liberals feel good about themselves as they try and brave the fresh air outdoors.

The dangers of mask-wearing are damaging to kids as many of them become distracted and confused when power-thirsty adults yell at them for taking the mask off to take a drink of water. The kids are also losing a vital aspect of development because they cannot react to the way people look at them. They never know if anyone is smiling at them or giving them looks of approval.

If Democrats do not look out for the kids, Ron DeSantis will. For those schools that have broken the law, the officials will need to be dealt with accordingly. And freedom will need to be preserved.