Former Congressman Chaffetz Predicts 2022 Will Be Full of Scandal for Biden’s Administration

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Jason Chaffetz, the former Republican congressman from Utah, gave a noteworthy prediction recently regarding President Joe Biden and his White House administration. He said that there were multiple scandals on the horizon that would come to light in the near future.

Chaffetz made this prediction while he was a guest on Fox News Sunday. He declared that this coming year would be filled with a number of surprise issues that are rooted in policies that were established during the president’s first year in office. The former congressman implied that there was one word that would tie all of these surprise issues together and that was “scandal.”

Mike Emanuel was serving as a guest host for the Fox News show. He asked all of his panelists for the 2022 predictions. Chaffetz started his response by saying that security would be a top priority for many in the coming year. He indicated that this would be important across a number of different areas of American life.

“I think security was going to be right near the top of the agenda. Security in your health, security on the border, security in your hometown, security in the big cities, and certainly security around the world, because I think Joe Biden is a very full plate going into 2022,” Chaffetz said. He also added a critique of the vaccine passport notion. He said that privacy will be a major theme for many and that we may need to show papers in America if we want to get into a restaurant. The congressman believes that issues like this will be at the top of many people’s agendas.

Catherine Lucey, from The Wall Street Journal, also spoke saying that the White House administration was going to need to convince the people of America in 2022 that they were capable of bringing both the economy and the pandemic under control.

Lucey said, “The other thing I’ll be watching really closely that you mentioned earlier in the show is what happens with schools in 2022. If we see any more widespread, you know, return to virtual learning. We’ve seen a lot of parent frustration over that, that really played in the Virginia governor’s race, I think that something we can keep a close eye on.”

The Washington Post’s Charles Lane said that he believes it is a safe prediction that they will all be back on the panel in a year talking about Donald Trump. He also believes that the GOP politicians in the 2022 primary races will be measured by their support for the former president. He said that Trump’s shadow continues to rest over the whole political system and the whole Republican Party future. Lane said that primaries are coming in this next year that will test the former president’s continued influence.

Lane also believes that foreign policy may take center stage in 2022. He said that when a president “stalls out” in their domestic agenda, they let foreign events take over. So there could be a spotlight put on Europe and the issues of war between Ukraine and Russia. If Russia does invade Ukraine, it will become a major storyline for 2022.

Chaffetz finished the predictions from the panel with his warning about the coming scandal. He said that just last week, the Secret Service indicated that there was 100-plus billion dollars scammed and a lot of payments going out. He said that there are a lot of scandals across the administration and that there would be a lot of surprise issues coming up that are under the radar right now. Chaffetz concluded. “Look out, because they are coming.”

None of what he says is surprising…but let’s hope he’s wrong for the sake of our country.