Former Navy Seal Calls out Biden’s Handling of Afghanistan

Texans, military members, and lawmakers all have big opinions. Roll all that into one and you might end up with a one-eyed Texan blazing a trail through Washington too big to ignore. It also looks a lot like former Navy SEAL and Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw, and he might have a thing or two to say about the state of the military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

As you can probably guess by now none of this is hypothetical (though a lot of us probably wish it were) and Crenshaw really is hot under the collar about what President Joe Biden, the Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces is doing with his executive power, especially when it comes to the place where Crenshaw and so many other sacrificed so much for the Americans here at home.

The Houston House member sounded off about the two bombings in Kabul, Afghanistan, that killed multiple U.S. Marines with a harsh dissent for Biden about his treatment of the soldiers, their families, and everyone affected by the untimely pull out from Afghanistan.

“Mr. President, fix the mess you created. Stop running from it. We are still at war. You didn’t ‘end the war,’ you just gave the enemy new advantage,” Crenshaw tweeted. “Go on offense, establish superiority, and don’t leave until all our citizens and allies are safe,” he added.

Crenshaw, like many in America today, is frustrated with seems to be a completely unconcerned push for public policy that is not in the best interest of American lives, while not taking into account the potential loss of American lives, and this isn’t the first time Crenshaw has criticized Biden’s policies in Afghanistan.

“The world just witnessed the President of the United States take orders from a band of barbaric terrorists while ignoring the pleas of our international allies and American citizens he will leave behind,” the congressman tweeted on Tuesday.“Joe Biden is a coward.”

The SEAL turned lawmaker clearly wasn’t looking to pull any punches or making any friends among the democrat party, and the Texan found himself under fire on Monday when he blasted the Taliban in a controversial tweet: “The only proper response from America to these dirty savage terrorists should be: Go f*** yourself,” he wrote.

Though Crenshaw’s reaction to the Middle East terrorists was not altogether unexpected, it’s sometimes hard for those of us who haven’t picked up a rifle and helmet and set out to hopefully not die while protecting others, what it would be like to see a leader put a friend or loved one in danger.

It’s easy to say “well, maybe its post-traumatic stress” or “perhaps he’s responding strongly because of friends ad family, ”The truth is that while not everyone responds to every stimulus the same way, it’s almost universally true that longtime military is almost universally conservative and frustrated with how the current president is dealing with the Taliban in the Middle East.

While it would have been nice to see former President Donald Trump in the Oval Office again at this point most Americans would likely settle for someone not putting their sons and brothers and husbands in the way of terrorists handing down edicts being honored by the oval office.

Crenshaw isn’t alone, he’s just using his platform to speak for military members, gold star families, and every American concerned with the safety and well-being of their families at home and abroad. Crenshaw isn’t reinventing the wheel, in fact, he’s saying what shouldn’t ever have to be said: protect Americans and allow our military to protect us from all enemies foreign and domestic.