FOX News Finally Gets the Bad News on Ratings Since Biased Election Coverage With Some Shows’ Viewership Cut Almost in Half

Fox News Network has come face to face with the results of their bad decisions in recent weeks as news of new ratings reaches the mainstream. It came as a surprise to many of the moderately conservative who received surprising data from the nation’s largest and most influential cable news network leading up to and on election night.

Tanks to their seemingly left-leaning coverage of the election, the exodus from the network that began in earnest after Chris Matthews moderation of the presidential election picked up massive steam in the days of unrest following the Nov. 3 election and it’s ensuring confusion.

According to The Daily Wire, Fox’s election night high of 14.1 million viewers during primetime compared very positively with 9.4 million for CNN and 7.6 million for MSNBC.

“Fox News did have a record night, but that’s only part of the story,” the Daily Wire reported. “The total number of viewers who tuned in over the course of the evening was 56.9 million, which is actually down 20% from the 71 million viewers who watched in 2016 and still below the 66.8 million who watched in 2012.”

While the network always has impressive numbers, watching which direction the viewers are trending in is often even more important than the viewers (and ad dollars) that a given news organization might have for today.

The Daily Wire went on to explain that, “After stirring controversy by calling Arizona for Biden far before any other outlet and drawing the ire of many Trump supporters for other on-air decisions, Fox News has hemorrhaged viewers.

“According to Nielsen TV ratings, several of Fox News’ core programs have shown a substantial drop in viewership since election night.”

The breakdown of viewers lost by each anchor between Nov 2 and Nov 11 shows a startling decline, the likes of which the network will have trouble recovering from.

Neil Cavuto lost 40% of his viewers between the second and the eleventh, as did Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum. Laura Ingraham faired slightly better, only losing 36% of her audience. Sean Hannity lost around 33% of his and Tucker Carlson seemed the least affected of the top anchor seeing a 29% drop in viewer loyalty.

There could be varying opinions as to why the drop off occurred, however, regardless of how the network got to where they are, almost anyone who sees a 40% decrease in work productivity is likely to be deeply concerned for their job security.

“While some of the decline could be attributed to fading interest in election coverage, the numbers show an unusually stark decline in viewership in such a short period of time,” the Daily Wire stated. “Does this prove the existence of a mass exodus of viewers away from mainstream media? Maybe. But there’s no doubt that trust in cable news coverage is only continuing to drop.”

While the need for accurate reporting is more prevalent than ever, Americans are left with fewer and fewer anchors and outlets that they can believe in. That fact is evidenced by how many have been turning to alternatives to the big mainstream networks, looking for accuracy in reporting.

Companies such as Newsmax Media and One America News Network have, on the other hand, been picking up steam, as have online “new media” companies, such as The Daily Wire, run by political pundit Ben Shapiro and The Blaze, with radio host Glen Beck at the helm.

Overall, the nation appears to be deeply disillusioned with the way in which news personalities are treating their responsibility to deliver accurate facts to the people that they make so many ad dollars off of every single day.