Gas Prices are Soaring and Energy Secretary Has the Audacity to Laugh Hysterically About It

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Gas prices are soaring, and we all know why. We’re no longer oil-independent because Biden closed our pipelines. We’re now back in bed with OPEC, so they’re determining what kind of supply we have and they’re determining our gas prices.

Something has to be done about this…and that’s when we turn to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. She must have a solution, right? Don’t count on it.

On Bloomberg Surveillance, Granholm was asked about Biden’s plans to bring the gas prices down. She literally began laughing hysterically and said, “That is hilarious.” She went on to explain that the oil market is “controlled by a cartel, that cartel is called OPEC and they have made the decision yesterday that they were not going to increase beyond what they were already planning.”

Now, why is it that we would put ourselves in a position that we are being controlled by a cartel? She makes it seem as though there is no other solution.

Former President Trump got us out of this situation. He didn’t want the United States being controlled by OPEC because they are, in fact, a cartel. So, it’s when we took to the pipelines in order to produce our own oil – and gas prices were at historic lows throughout the Trump administration.

Biden is aware that we need more oil produced in order to get the gas prices down. However, he doesn’t want to utilize our own pipelines. Instead, he showed the ultimate weakness by flying overseas and begging both Saudi Arabia and Russia to produce more oil. They laughed at him and told him no, which he accepted like the spineless idiot that he is.

Biden is also lobbying against fossil fuels in the U.S., which is only hurting us more. He’s cut both the Keystone XL and Willow Project, which means that we’re almost completely dependent on OPEC. It’s unacceptable, and yet, it’s apparently a laughing matter within the Biden administration.

They’re being driven around in gas-guzzling SUVs and being flown by private jets (that also consume a significant amount of fuel). They’re not whipping out their credit cards at the pump.

They have no understanding as to what the cost of fuel really means for the average American. And, even as Granholm compares OPEC to a cartel, she sees nothing wrong with the United States bending over backward and succumbing to the demands of a cartel.

So much for the United States being strong.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough asks an important question…why don’t the Democrats seem to care about this issue? He asks, “I haven’t heard a Democrat this year talk about how groceries cost more, how gas at the pump is costing more…”

They don’t want to talk about it because they know that it’s one of the areas that will hurt them within the elections. Instead, we see candidates like Terry McAuliffe of Virginia talking about Trump and racism and things like that. They’re deflecting. Meanwhile, Americans on both sides of the political fence are struggling to pay for gas.

We really need some leadership in the White House that takes one of the biggest issues in America seriously. There’s nothing funny about depending on OPEC.

And, as we get into the colder months where more people will need fuel to keep their homes warm, there will be more Americans demanding that the Biden administration do something more than laugh hysterically.