Gavin Newsom Refuses to Take His Mask off–Is It Superglued to His Face?

Gavin Newsom has long said that he follows science, which is why he continues with his COVID-19 lockdown rules. He used the phrase “follow the science” to justify his defiance of CDC guidelines and doctor-recommended approaches to dealing with COVID-19. The truth behind his odd behavior is that he loves the extra boost of power that the pandemic has afforded leaders in America.

The difference between the good leaders and the terrible ones is those that are willing to give up emergency powers now that the pandemic has come to an end. Gavin Newsom falls in the camp of the terrible governors because he refuses to follow the very science he claims governs his decision-making ability. The truth is that he does not want to give up the power.

The CDC has already come out stating that mask-wearing is no longer necessary for vaccinated people. That statement alone has some serious issues. But Newsom hates the idea of removing the masks because it stripes him of his powers to tell people what to do.

Californians are astonished at their governor’s defiance. Rob Burden would tweet out that “@GavinNewsom RU going to follow the CDC recommendation and lift CA mask mandate immediately? Or does following the science only apply when it fits your political needs? Will California follow the science/CDC immediately or will Governor Newsom wait until June 15 like previously planned to lift mask mandates? either way, I’m throwing my masks away.”

People like Rob Burden are tired of the weight that Newsom is putting on people by forcing them to wear a mask. It is a needless step in life that no longer has a purpose.

Newsom governs by feeling instead of his head. He hates the fact that his face is stuck in his mask, so he feels the need to superglue everyone else to their masks as well. He believes that mask-wearing is a new reality that everyone is just going to have to live with. Of course, he would never admit that it goes against every other conviction he has regarding the environment. Those very masks that he is pushing on people are ending up in the landfill and oceans—the very part of the state that he wishes to save.

But Newsom does not care about anything but himself. He has already forced a recall on himself, so there is no incentive to start doing the right thing. He feels that if he is thrown out of office, he should make the enormous mess he can for the next person to clean up.

Newsom’s pathetic power streak has declared that people will keep their mouths diapered until June 15. This is the magic date that he has set for freedom to come. The sad part is that the liberal liar dictates that only vaccinated people can remove their masks on June 15. The question is how he is going to justify asking people to see their vaccination cards legally. HIPPA laws prohibit others from asking about personal health information.

Newsom is not a man of science. He is a pathetic human being that is taking his hatred for life out on other people by making their lives miserable. What is not widely known about Newsom and his science kick is that no one knows what science is because he has stopped releasing the numbers. He did this so no one could keep him accountable for obeying the laws.

The California governor hates the state because he has had his feelings hurt by the recall that has been initiated. He sees his failures as the fault of all the other people. He would rather shut off their power to teach them a lesson about wildfires than admit that he had no clue how to handle land management.

Gavin Newsom is the biggest failure aside from Joe Biden and Andrew Cuomo. These so-called liberal elites are worthless. They have hurt more people than they ever could have helped. And now it is time for them to pay the price, which is to lose the right to serve people as elected officials. Something that they failed to do since the start of their office.