Gender Identity Courses and Condom Demos? California Says Why Not

It’s as if California is trying to shock the rest of America with just how radical they can be. The problem is that they’re exposing middle schoolers to sexual subjects that are entirely too mature for them.

Rather than allowing parents to teach students or to at least determine what they will and won’t be exposed to, California educators are deciding to opt for a radical sex-ed curriculum that will include lessons on choosing a gender, finding an abortion provider, and a demo on how to use a condom.

The Santa Barbara Unified School District may have lost their minds. Despite parents pushing back on the curriculum, they’re moving forward on new standards for health education.

It all started because the district was out of compliance with state law. They needed a new program for eighth-graders to ensure state standards were being met in the classroom. While families can choose to opt their students out, many parents don’t want the curriculum anywhere near a public school.

The program is touching into some pretty raw topics about sex – including masturbation and anal sex.

The district simply has to comply with AB 329, the California Healthy Youth Act, passed in 2016. This simply means that students have to be taught about human development and sexuality, including pregnancy, contraception, and sexually transmitted diseases. Only, this California school district has decided to make it a bit too radical and teaching kids things that simply don’t need to be taught – especially not to middle schoolers.

Kathy Ireland, a former supermodel, has spoken out against the curriculum. She recounted a time when Planned Parenthood showed up to her driver’s ed class in high school to tell students that it was possible to get an abortion without parents ever finding out.

She believes that the Teen Talk violates faith from a Christian, Muslim, and Jewish standpoint. She also says that it “oversexualizes our children, and it violates our precious children and it does not deal with the aftermath.”

Oversexualizing is an understatement considering that this school district thinks that it’s okay to talk about anal sex to 12-year-old children.

Children who have grown up around various faiths will be taught things that go against core values. Abortions are going to be not only promoted but students will know how to find abortion providers. They’ll be taught about ways to have sex without the fear of getting their partner pregnant.

They’ll even be taught about the various genders and sexualities – allowing children to learn how to “choose” a gender instead of accepting the one that they already have.

The curriculum is all based on Health Connected, a website that shows they support Planned Parenthood among many other things. It’s the ultimate liberal agenda…and it’s terrifying.

Parents have the ability to opt-out of the sex-ed classes as long as they know what’s included in the curriculum. It means that parents who aren’t as dialed in as they should be will get one big surprise when their child comes home one day talking about anal sex or sharing how they learned about the proper way to put on a condom.

What California is allowing is a slippery slope. It’s one thing to teach kids about the basics of sex but it’s another thing entirely to overstep and teach kids about everything involved with sex. There has to be the ability of the parents to teach kids certain things based on what they believe in.

No kid should be oversexualized, especially at such a young age. California’s going to end up with a bunch of 12 and 13-year-olds trying to figure out what gender they identify with, thinking that anal sex is an acceptable way to not get pregnant, and knowing that if they want an abortion, mom and dad will never find out. Is this what we want for our youth? Absolutely not.