Gender-Neutral Locker Rooms In High School – Has It Gone Too Far?

Nothing is sacred anymore, including making sure that boys’ locker rooms are separate from the girl ones. All it takes is one person to complain and call for something to be unfair or insensitive for an entire system to change – a system that was considered perfectly acceptable for decades.

A few years ago, it started with a change for gender-neutral bathrooms because transgender individuals didn’t want to have to go into a bathroom that they felt was not inclusive of who they were. Binary individuals didn’t want to have to choose a bathroom based on a gender that they didn’t agree with.

Now, those feelings have carried over into high school locker rooms. A Pennsylvania school district is planning to demolish the boys’ and girls’ locker rooms and spend $2.4 million to create gender-neutral facilities. That’s a lot of money to be spent in a school district that has nothing to do with a student’s education or learning environment.

Taxpayers should be outraged that their hard-earned paychecks are being spent in such a ridiculous way.

In New Holland, Garden Spot High School is the first one to get the renovations, which should be done by the end of 2020.

Board members made a unanimous vote of “yes” on the project. There will be four “zones” created for a total of 76 private showers and 48 private changing rooms. The showers can also serve as changing rooms when they’re not in use.

Bob Hollister, the District Superintendent, explained that the four zones are not going to be designated by gender. Instead, he believes that natural selection will sort everything out as students can choose the area they feel most comfortable.

The District has explained the current policy and what they’re doing in order to satisfy “varied interests.” The current policy says that multi-user locker rooms and restrooms need to be separated by biological sex. However, the school district explains that they’re converting multi-user facilities into single-user ones as a way to circumvent the policy and make it more user-friendly to transgender students.

The board wanted to make sure they were going above and beyond by providing “reasonable accommodations.” They want to make it easy for students to access the restrooms and lockers regardless of the gender identity or assigned sex of a student. No special permission will be required to use the single-user restrooms that will be available at the beginning of the new school year, either.

The board has acknowledged that it is a significant investment. However, they want to invest the money into the district so that it can serve students, coaches, and the school for years to come.

Eastern Lancaster County School Board members ultimately passed policy 253 on day one of the 2019-20 school year, though many of the changes won’t be in place until the 20-21 school year.

The $2.4 million is the amount for only a single school – Garden Spot High School. With this change being approved, it’s only a matter of time before other high schools in the district demand similar changes – and then, it will be an expense incurred all over the state.

According to a study at the Williams Institute at UCLA, there are more students who are identifying as the opposite gender to what they were born as or who have chosen not to identify with either gender. The percentage has approximately doubled in the past 10 years, going from 0.3% to 0.6%.

While the statistics have doubled, the reality is that less than one percent of the population are identifying themselves as transgender. The number of students at the high school in Pennsylvania who identify as transgender has not been identified. $2.4 million is a significant expense in order to appease a handful of students.

Across the district, there may only be a small number of students – yet the decision of the board has been to spend taxpayer dollars by the millions in order to accommodate these individuals with dramatic changes that will affect not only the transgender students who don’t want to have to identify in one locker room or another but also straight students.

It’s only a matter of time before Christian Republicans step in because of problems with sexual harassment and such as many of these locker rooms in “zones” are going to lead to heterosexual females mingling with heterosexual males in an environment where most students are barely dressed.

If the school board doesn’t identify that there are problems with this simply to accommodate one or two students who identify as transgender, they are in for a rude awakening by the time the renovations are complete.