Get Shot to Fly Is Biden’s Way of Forcing People to Take the Shot as He Continues to Work on Barcoding Passengers

The demonized liberals are looking for ways to elicit control over the American people. The coronavirus pandemic provided them with exactly what they needed to push certain things on the people, but it came at a price for them. Many of their beloved leaders have fallen victim to the consequences of allowing their lusts to consume them.

The Democrats abused the pandemic as they used it to cover up their socialist plans for America. The fight over relief bills was no amount what to do for the people but rather about the hidden elements of anti-American regulations that the liberals want to see imposed on people.

But now that the pandemic is ending, the Democrats need another form of control in order to boss people around. And they have found precisely what they are looking for in the form of the vaccine.

Donald Trump had the vaccine created to help people get over the virus as it spread around the world. It was supposed to be the means of allowing people to get back to their everyday lives. But the liberals see it as their means of salvation as they seek to expand their influence into private lives.

Joe Biden and his sick entourage of crafty liars are working on a plan to force people to get the vaccine whether or not they want or need it. Many people have already been exposed to the virus and have developed antibodies to the virus and no longer need to be vaccinated.

But that is not good enough for the old man as he wants to force 100 percent cooperation and vaccination. His administration is developing a passport idea that would allow airlines to identify passengers that have been vaccinated. This allows the airlines to reject passengers on their flights if they have not been stabbed in the arm.

One media source noted that the “The administration’s initiative has been driven largely by arms of the Department of Health and Human Services, including an office devoted to health information technology, said five officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the effort.”

Biden is looking for a way to overcome the immense success of his predecessor Donald Trump. A 100 percent vaccination report would be right up his pathway to that flourishing desire. The report noted that “The White House this month took on a bigger role coordinating government agencies involved in the work, led by coronavirus coordinator Jeff Zients, with a goal of announcing updates in coming days.” But what seems like an excellent idea to Biden is not Constitutional for Americans.

He is effectively taking control of people’s right to choose what is best for their health. A plan and simple way of thinking through his idea is to realize that no one will be allowed to fly if they have not received the vaccine. For many people, the shot is not an option as it violates their beliefs and represents a method of control the government is not to have over people.

It was noted in the report that his passport idea would “could display a scannable code similar to an airline boarding pass.” It is unnerving to think that Biden wants to barcode Americans. It would be easier for him to move right into the end times and put a computer chip in every person’s foreheads so he can monitor them at all times.

Biden’s idea is not unique in that the Chinese dictator Xi Jinping has similar thoughts of using such a method to track his people’s movements. Biden’s idea would give him the control to track people and even eliminate the state’s enemies with a button’s push.

The invasion of privacy is just the beginning of the Democrat’s attempt to subject the people to the horrors of socialism. They may tell people that they care and want them to get vaccinated, but that is just the first step that they need to control the American people’s movements and well-being forcefully. The very thought that they are thinking of barcoding people is proof enough that they are in league with communist China and their desire to destroy America.