Glenn Youngkin Dragged to the Court of Public Opinion for Failing as a Governor; Has Not Been Sworn In Yet

William Silver /
William Silver /

When the snowflakes start to fly, the people expect their local leadership to ensure the roads are kept clear. In many cases that might be a director of public works or a mayor. However, when it’s a freak snowfall on the I-95 just outside Washington D.C., the person directing the action is the governor. Unfortunately for many, that person isn’t Glenn Youngkin, but actually Gov. Ralph Northam.

Governor Northam is still in office and will be until January 15th as many pointed out, and as a result, many of the leftists tweeting about how bad a job Youngkin was doing were left speechless as a response. Many just went on to delete the tweets, or just issue an ‘oops my bad’ statement. Given the fact that Gov. Northam refused to speak to the media or anyone about reopening the I-95 says a lot about his character and his dedication to the job on the way out.

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine (D) was caught right in the middle of the storm. From his car, he tweeted “I started my normal 2 hour drive to DC at 1pm yesterday. 19 hours later, I’m still not near the Capitol. My office is in touch with @VaDOT to see how we can help other Virginians in this situation. Please stay safe everyone.” This is a surprisingly unselfish tweet from a Democratic Senator.

With the region’s leaders claiming (after the fact) that they were only expecting a few inches of snow, they grossly underestimated the storm and its capabilities. Instead of those few inches of snow, they received nearly a foot of snow and about two inches of freezing rain and sleet (aka ice). The combination of the two in such a rapid time frame made keeping up with the storm rather difficult. With rates of accumulation approaching and at times hitting four inches an hour, it’s no wonder they were left unprepared.

As the state continues to thaw out, Governor Northam still has yet to say much, but the I-95 is at least opening back up. Fortunately for his office, the people all along the blockage worked together to survive. There are reports of people distributing food and supplies from stuck delivery vehicles, and others passing out blankets. Even further, a woman and her kids were welcomed into a stuck (and empty) ambulance to warm themselves. All of these actions were done because it was the right thing to do. Not because they are the same political party or because they were the same color. Kind of heartwarming to see what people can do without government interference.

It’s amazing how little the left does research on their opinions before they tweet things. They cannot even take the thirty seconds to see if Youngkin has been sworn in yet. Instead, they just vomit their thoughts out via a tweet and let the internet do its thing. It’s almost as if Twitter is their own personal journal for every thought they have. This is a dangerous area for people to be in, as these unfiltered thoughts just push out and perpetuate falsehoods that can be very damaging to the country. Given the number of people who take things at face value, and who are easily led from the sane side of the world, it would be nice to see more research into what they say before they put it out there. Then again leftist heroes like AOC don’t bother, so why should they?