GOP Formally Requests 25th Amendment be Invoked

As I’m sure you are well aware at this point, several congressional lawmakers have come forward recently to demand Democratic President Joe Biden’s resignation. Clearly, our national leader’s botched withdrawal and subsequent decisions in Afghanistan lie at the heart of this, particularly now that at least twelve US Marines were killed in the Middle Eastern country due to those decisions.

But for quite a few, the reason Biden should no longer be our president isn’t just that he has made a string of poor choices as of late. Instead, those choices seem to be a symptom of a much larger problem and one that will pull our country into further chaos and disarray should Biden be allowed to continue as our Commander in Chief.

According to Republican North Carolina Representative Madison Cawthorn, Biden’s mind or mental fitness is the culprit. And that means the man is no longer fit to lead.

Now, to be clear, this isn’t exactly anything new. I mean, people have been talking about Biden’s mental decline for months, if not years now. Even the early stages of his 2020 presidential race showed clear signs of incapability, as he often seemed to forget people’s names, seem confused, was unable to finish a complete sentence or thought.

Hell, he even once confused his wife with his sister on stage.

But now, those moments of mere grammatical errors and word jumbles have turned into something much worse – namely, the inability to make sound decisions.

And with the country still reeling from the wake of Afghanistan’s recent take over by the Taliban, it’s never been more evident.

All of this has led Cawthorn to be the first to officially request that the 25th Amendment be invoked, and Biden forced to step down due to health issues.

In a letter addressed to Biden’s Vice President Kamala Harris and the rest of Biden’s cabinet, he described the situation as a “subject of great importance and great sensitivity.” And to be sure, it is.

He described a few of the situations we currently find ourselves in, with a mess left in Afghanistan, America’s southern border being overrun and disrespected by countless illegals, and an economy that needs a firm hand. As Cawthorn says, all of these require “a President that is operating at the peak of his cognitive powers. It seems obvious now that this is no longer the case.”

And so, he has asked that Harris and Biden’s other cabinet members seriously discuss the possibility of him stepping down.

Understandably, the request is not one to take lightly, and the congressman recognizes that fact. However, neither are the “consequences that face our country should this constitutional remedy be discarded on the grounds of political expediency.”

Cawthorn makes it clear that, just as this request from him is not one merely built on a desire to have the country led by a different political party, neither should it be one that the current leading party dismisses as “politics.”

Instead, it is “for the protection of our citizens, the preservation of our good name abroad, and the furtherance of this great experiment in liberty and democracy.”

He’s not the only one making similar statements either, albeit not so official ones. Senators Josh Hawley and Marsha Blackburn have both recently commented on the need for Biden to resign. However, as former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley points out, the resignation of Biden means that Kamala Harris would be in charge.

And that’s something none of us wants to imagine.

Then again, I’m not sure we need to really be concerned about that happening.

As I mentioned above, the letter asking for the 25th Amendment to be invoked was written to VP Harris and Biden’s other cabinet members. And while it might seem worthwhile to someone as ambitious as Kamala to follow Cawthorn’s advice, the same cannot likely be said of the other cabinet members.

Firstly, these are men and women all signed on to serve Biden, not Harris.

And second, they have since received positions, titles, and power – some even obtaining similar benefits for their children – all thanks to Biden, and most without a shred of competency, previous experience, or qualifications. And that means, with a new national head of state, quite a few may no longer find themselves with a job in the White House.

So no, I don’t see Cabinet responding positively to Cawthorn’s request.