Governor Abbott Already Thinking Ahead Once Abortion Laws Are Overturned in Supreme Court

There are certain governors in the country that are reactionists, and their people suffer. And then there are visionaries, and their people prosper. Greg Abbott of Texas is a visionary that makes decisions based on futuristic results. He has been working on a bill that he finally signed into law that would end every abortion in Texas if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.

The one-sided court case from decades ago gave legal permission for people to murder their children. When Roe v. Wade was ruled on, it was a liberal sham that opened the door for millions of people to be butchered in the hospital rooms. The lady who first initiated the fight would later try and stop it because she learned that she made a mistake.

Abbott’s new bill is called the “Human Life Protection Act of 2021.” It is a bill that will criminalize all abortions in Texas, and it would give children a chance to grow up without liberals harvesting their body parts.

This new bill would affect if the Supreme Court tore down the previous cases that prevent the states from enacting anti-abortion laws. It would also become active if any other cases ruled against abortion. And it would take hold if the states regained their power to choose for themselves.

Their thirst for power comes with a hefty price. The liberals from decades ago took away power from the states by trying to legalize all abortions. The lives of millions of people would be extinguished so the Democrats can claim they gave new rights to mothers. But all they did was implicate women in their crimes against humanity.

Texas never changed its pre-1973 laws that outlawed abortion unless the mother’s life was in danger. Texas has always been a place that supports the right to live for all people. Their original law has been in place all this time but has been overshadowed by the Democrat’s abortion cases since 1973.

Governor Abbott drove the liberals crazy by stating, “The most precious freedom of all is life itself. Our Creator endowed us with the right to life, and yet millions of children lose their lives every year before they’re even born. I’m signing a law today that will save babies from the ravages of abortion.”

The bill does nothing for children being murdered right now. But it does set in motion for an immediate response once Roe v Wade is overturned. Some conservatives see short-term and do not want to get their hopes up.

Bryan Slaton stated that “The truth is, the likelihood of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade is slim to none, which means the triggering bill will not save any human lives. “In order to end the outright murder of innocent children, States must be willing to stand up and ban it with or without the Court’s permission.”

Slaton wants to do more. He wants to take on bills that would ban the federal government’s need to control and tell the states what they can do. Slaton came out and filed the “Abolition of Abortion through Equal Protection for All Unborn Children Act.” This bill tells the Democratic party what they can go and do with their abortion rights bills.

Texas has always been the one state that does what it wants. They are not about to sit around and be overrun by liberals that want to destroy freedom and murder vulnerable people. The state only has one document acknowledged as dictatorial to the state, and that is the Constitution.

Some may accuse Abbott of not doing enough to put Texas first in life-saving laws. But his bill certainly puts Texas back on track to becoming the first state to outlaw abortions.

Unborn children need the protection of the Republican Party to make it out into the real world. The Democrats seek every opportunity to murder the unborn and justify it all under medical necessity. Human life will never find its way with the Democrats. It will only survive with Republicans leading the way and taking action to protect the rights of the unborn.