Happy New Year…Prepare for a Year of Lies from the Biden Administration

Luca Perra / shutterstock.com
Luca Perra / shutterstock.com

We’re about to ring in the New Year…and if we expect the Biden administration to start improving, we can go ahead and count that out. Biden has decided to list out all of his accomplishments. Yet, it’s nothing but a list of lies and half-truths. He’s chosen to take credit for things that took place under the Trump administration and ignore half of what he did wrong.

If Biden is hoping that the list improves his approval rating, he’s going to be disappointed. If anything, people will realize that he’s not willing to own any of his mistakes.

So, just how bad is this list of accomplishments? Prepare yourself…

One of the first things that Biden wanted to list off is the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. But wait, weren’t people getting vaccinated in December and January of last year, before Joe Biden took office? Yes, yes they were. That means that the distribution of the vaccine should actually be credited to Trump and his “Operation Warp Speed.” The only thing Biden did was sit back so that 70 million Americans could receive the vaccine – which they would have done whether he was in the office or not.

Another thing that Biden wanted to list as an accomplishment is the opening of 99 percent of the schools in the United States. This is laughable considering that most were already open when he took office. And the ones that weren’t open were in Democratic-led cities and states. This means that his own party was the roadblock. Of course, he was also quick to keep quiet about how many schools have shut down all over again because of fears of the omicron variant.

Are you starting to see a trend here? Biden’s accomplishments are not really accomplishments. They are simply the aftermath of the pandemic and everything that Trump had already set in motion.

It doesn’t get any better as you continue down the list, either.

Biden had the nerve to talk about economic success. Clearly, he’s not the one going to the gas station or the grocery store because there is no economic success to discuss. However, a White House document read that “The average number of Americans filing for unemployment over the last four weeks is at its lowest level since 1969.” They can make anything sound good if they word it just right. The reality is that unemployment numbers are still worse than the pre-pandemic numbers of February 2020. And, thanks to the stimulus packages and extended unemployment benefits, many people still don’t want to work. They’re content to sit back and relax while businesses continue to post “Now Hiring” signs.

Finally, Biden was proud to exclaim that child poverty has been cut in half as a result of the enhanced child tax credits. However, Senator Joe Manchin has nixed the extension of those credits. Oh, and as a result of his immigration policies, child poverty is only going to get worse as millions of illegal immigrants continue to swarm into the country.

If Joe Biden is waiting for a round of applause for his accomplishments, he might as well sit down and perhaps go take a nap. He’ll be waiting for a while….and most likely until well after he is out of office.

The “accomplishments” don’t actually exist. All of this is lip service to try to increase the approval rating. The reality is that Americans are smarter than the White House wants to believe. So, until stores are fully staffed, the price of goods comes down again, and the border is closed and secured, we can’t possibly applaud Biden for anything that he is doing.