Harris Is a Problem Child to Everyone

Kamala Harris has fallen into the prideful spirit believing that she is something special. She is the first black vice president that happens to identify as Indian American and of course, a woman. She believes that her special status within the firsts categories will make her a favorite with everyone in America. She missed the memo that people will like her as a vice president if she works for the people.

The Democrats think that there is something about them that makes them unique. When in reality, they are better than no one else in America. A position of power will never change the fact that they are human, just like everyone else. And the only way people will follow them is if they prove themselves worthy first. And so far, they have only made people hate them.

Joe Biden has given her every chance to prove herself worthy of such an honor as being a vice president. But so far, all she has done is sit in her office with her feet on the desk, acting like she is doing something.

And yet, with her refusal to do anything substantial, some are coming out and trying to make the case that Biden is giving her jobs to do, hoping that she will fail. Biden has put her over things that she has no experience with. And instead of admitting that she needs help, Harris is content to muddle her way through, hoping that everything will work out fine.

When it came to working on the border, she purposely sat in her office until Donald Trump decided to make the trip. She just could not let that happen, so she jumped on a plane and went to the safest section of the border and made it look like she cared.

And before she even traveled to the border, she went to Central America and tried to tell them that the border issues in America were all their fault because their people live in poverty. The Guatemalan president told her that she was wrong and needed to go back home and think it all over again to find the real reason.

Harris had a terrible campaign trail that demands her to step down. When she was running for the nomination against Biden, she attacked him like a monster. And the way she ran her campaign was terrible. It was based on social media postings instead of facts. She fell so far behind that she became an afterthought.

And the only reason Biden picked her was he needed votes. Now that he got what he wanted, he is not too concerned about actually working with the nasty woman. Harris is all used up, and Biden does not care what happens to her at this point. And such is the life of a washed-up Democrat.

There is not an American alive that takes Harris seriously. She has turned her back on state leaders and left them to defend the borders themselves. The sad little woman does not have what it takes to lead people. She thinks that just because she is something special, people are going to want to follow her.

The jobs she has been tasked with doing are complex once the right team is in place. But the truth is that no one trusts her to do what needs to be done. No one will trust her for their safety or even a guarantee that they can do their job without some liberal intervention.

Kamala Harris will go down in history as the worst vice president ever to be elected with a president. Peter Hasson stated that “In an alternate universe where Kamala Harris is exclusively given simple tasks, you could see pundits complaining that the first female VP isn’t being trusted to solve any real problems.”

It is sad when a demented president cannot even trust his vice president to carry out simple tasks. Harris has ruined her chances of ever moving up in politics. Her career as a politician has come to a grinding stop because she has proven that she cannot accomplish anything important for the American people.