Here’s All The Best ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Themed Christmas Gifts

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Before we begin … let’s have a moment of silence for all of the children of the woke parents. The ones who can’t play sports and be cheered on as they once were without their parents looking like right-wing conservatives. This is for all the Brandons out there…

It’s that awkward time of year where we are required to purchase a gift to show people we love them. Put down the gift cards, guys! Glenn Beck, among many others, has saved us from the awkward gift card exchange. Your dad doesn’t need a new wallet again for the third time this year, and thanks to Glenn, you can give him a new pair of socks with the well-known, most loved/despised catchphrase this year “Let’s go, Brandon.”

Oh, and stickers! Overnight, these “Let’s go Brandon” stickers seemed to catch on more than you would imagine, you’ll see them on doughnut shop doors, people are driving around with bumper stickers, and while you would expect that in the south, it’s happening all across the United States…just in case you’ve been hiding out under a rock or reclused to your bunker, which we can say that’s not too bad of an idea given the turn of events that happened in 2021.

Let’s go back to the October 2nd event that took place in Alabama at the NASCAR race, held in the Talladega Superspeedway. The 28-year-old driver named Brandon Brown was being interviewed by an NBC Sports reporter shortly after he had won his first Xfinity Series. The crowd in the background started chanting something. In the beginning, it was hard to decipher through the television but, then, the reporter made the claim ‘as you can hear, the chants from the crowd, ‘Let’s go Brandon'”. Right then and there, Americans knew what the crowd was really chanting. They were all chanting what most of us were thinking.

This fall, one of the Southwest Airlines pilots finished his passenger greeting stating “Let’s go, Brandon.” Later, an internal investigation was opened by Southwest. They quickly took to social media stating “Southwest does not condone employees sharing their personal political opinions while on the job.

However, the left has been doing this for years. American Airlines allowed their employees to wear Black Lives Matter pants — where was the internal investigation for this one? At least the Dems are not burning cities down or shooting cops in the head. We simply have the common decency to use catchphrases instead of taking the leftist/violent approach.

Many of us felt the “F*** Joe Biden” in our souls but had more or less a little more tact about us or maybe it was just that we weren’t all unemployed, having our stuff reposessed and homeless due to the asinine shutdowns worldwide that still affect most of us today.

The shutdowns caused some of the middle class to, ultimately, lose nearly everything they owned because they didn’t have the government to fall back on or IRAs and 401Ks to sustain them during that period. They had employees to pay, astronomical overhead to keep the small businesses running, mortgages, and tuition. The world will keep turning, despite all the efforts made from the left to shut it down.

Now, it’s possible that the reporter in question just got it mixed up, originally. Maybe someone in her ear told her to say what she said. Who knows how it got started, but at this point, as fed-up Americans when we see the Let’s go Brandon sign, we feel a sense of comradery. If you don’t have your head in the sand, we know you feel it, too.

On that note, Let’s Go, Brandon…and enjoy the looks on the faces of your liberal friends as you present them with their very own “Let’s go, Brandon” merchandise.